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Advice re pts and younger dog

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AlaskanSnow Mon 11-Jun-18 11:04:37

It is looking increasing likely that we will be saying goodbye to our lovely boy this week. He's been struggling for a while now but over the weekend he's gone downhill. I'm heartbroken, he's our first baby, fur and human. He's the best boy ever.

I really need tips on how to help our younger dog through this. She is 5, and adores her big brother.

Our vet offers a service to come to the house which we though would be easier than asking a sick dog to make a final journey. Is it a good idea to have her there too so she can see he has gone? Or should we get someone o take her for a walk til it's all over?

And afterwards, I'm sure my tendency would be to spoil her but is it better to stick to house rules? (I'm thinking letter her upstairs to sleep so she isn't alone downstairs - that sort of thing)
I've no doubt I'll spoil her anyway as I'll get comfort from it but I don't want to cause any behavioural issues later. Life changed so much for her when we had a baby last year and she's been brilliant so far. I'm just trying to avoid stress for her.

Or am I just overthinking this?

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Mon 11-Jun-18 11:33:35

I am sorry that you are having to experience this - the worst part of dog ownership but probably one of the most important.

My experience is that the young dogs are aware of the situation especially if the older dog has been getting frailer over time,you may notice sutble but less interaction between the two.

(I did a dissertation on this and it was fascinating to study the dynamics between ill,dying dogs in a group)

I have let some of my dogs see the dog after they have been pts and others I have not. There has been no difference in the dogs reaction or long term behaviour. (I would not have your dog present at the time- this allows you time to deal with one situation at a time) Have the dog in another room.

I would not let the dog upstairs unless you want this to be the new situation. Dogs are fantastic and do tend to live in the moment more than we do so if she has coped with new baby etc she sounds pretty resilient. I would keep to her normal routine but obviously for both of you you will need double the dog cuddles.

I think you are overthinking a bit -look after yourself and your dog will cope. flowers for you

Prestonsflowers Mon 11-Jun-18 11:34:09

I’m so sorry to hear that you have to say goodbye to your lovely boy, it’s a very difficult decision to make.
We’ve had this situation several times and we’ve found that it’s always best if the younger dog sees the older dog afterwards. They process death in a very different way to humans.
The one time we didn’t, the other dog spent most of her time looking for her sister, heartbreaking.
You have my sympathy

AlaskanSnow Mon 11-Jun-18 15:12:29

Thank you both x It's the worst.

Part of me thought that keeping to the routine would be better - I know what I'm like though, I'll project my feelings onto her! I shall try to be strong. Appropriate spoiling only.

yetwig Wed 13-Jun-18 15:51:31

I had my old boy pts 8 weeks ago, my other dog who had been a companion of his for 12yrs was in the room and was allowed to sniff him once he was gone sad I believe this has helped her and she knows he is not coming back. She loved him as did we very much she was cry if he was out of sight but since hes been gone shes been different. We got another rescue straight away and she bonded well.

Thinking of you, its so hard saying goodbye xx

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