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Nightmare at Agility Class

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saagaloha Wed 06-Jun-18 23:06:29

Hi all, yesterday we attended a beginners agility class for my 18-month-old GSD. The second we entered the hall my boy began to make the most horrendous shrieking noises, he was absolutely terrified! So much so that we had to observe from the back of the room whilst comforting him- he wouldn't even eat freshly roasted chicken breast. He had somewhat settled but anytime a dog approached he would sit up and be on alert (not in an aggressive way). We were really not expecting this reaction, when he went to puppy classes he was totally fine and when he goes on walks he's the perfect gentleman. I know he's not the most confident dog in the world but can't believe he has this level of fear in him. Apparently, a lot of his behaviours (excessive sniffing. following around etc) is linked to him being fearful. He's been properly socialised so am a bit dubfounded. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we could instill some confidence in my precious boy. P.S one on one training sessions have already been booked! How my boy was feeling/his looks of terror have really upset me sad

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SkinnyForSummer Wed 06-Jun-18 23:43:49

Did the trainer say he was terrified? Could he have been excited? Our Dd2 makes a hell of a noise watching others go round.

BiteyShark Thu 07-Jun-18 05:56:08

Most of the dogs at our agility class are 'hyper' as they are desperate to be doing it themselves. Mine would whine and bark if we waited to long.

We did have one time when a gun shot went off in a nearby field and he just closed down, sat by the exit and refused to partake in anything. That was obvious fear so we cut the lesson short.

If you are sure it's fear and not excitement then 1-1 lessons to get him familiar with the equipment will help. However don't be put off by lots of noise and alertness as typically they can just be wanting to get stuck in. Mine has a habit of sniffing about all the time looking for discarded treats so his nose is always active and it's frustrating to turn round and find he has stopped dead over the jump because he KNOWS there is a treat somewhere close hidden in the grass.

saagaloha Thu 07-Jun-18 08:46:18

There was no question it was fear. When he's given an expensive new toy (honestly he can tell) he also makes weird growling/shrieking noises but this was something else, he was cowering at times.

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BiteyShark Thu 07-Jun-18 09:28:21

1-1 lesson then to get familiar with the equipment hopefully will help.

saagaloha Thu 07-Jun-18 09:49:46

Thanks bitey!

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