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Night time riddle

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sleepwouldbenice Sun 03-Jun-18 09:30:05

Basically trying to work out the best way to go from here

Pup is 15 weeks old. We know he can sleep well at night as last week we were in our caravan and he slept for 8/9 hours by us in his crate virtually no stirring, no wee etc. bliss.

Now we are home ...... Not so good. Choices seem to be:

1.Sleeps for 6 hours. Then makes a fuss and wees in his crate if we don't let him out. Won't resettle unless we are beside him on the settee.Then sleeps another couple of hours. Crate is in dark quiet place with white noise
2. Before we went away we had been doing the wake him up to wee thing after about 4 hours. He went 8 hours in total with this
3. Put him in our room to re create caravan experience!. Don't want this really

So where to go from here? At the end of the day I think it's a sleep cycle /behavioural thing . I have no doubt that he needs a wee when he wakes as he's woken himself up but the need to wee doesn't actually wake him if that makes sense. What plan will lead to the sleep we know he can do!


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BiteyShark Sun 03-Jun-18 09:38:58

The thing is he probably slept more when away for two reasons. He was probably more tired because of new surroundings, doing different things etc and then not stiring until you moved as he knew you were next to him.

Now he is back at home then he's probably waking naturally and moving about more which means at that age he needs to pee and can't hold it. Honestly I think you are doing great to get 6 hours at that age as mine could only do around 5 hours.

Personally I would take him out to pee when he woke but not reward him afterwards by staying on the sette. I would simply put him back in the crate and leave for a short while. If he wouldn't settle going back in the crate it was back out into the garden for a min then back in crate without saying a word to him so he understood it was pee break or 'sleep' until we were up.

adaline Sun 03-Jun-18 14:58:37

Wake him up to pee and then settle him again - we do this with ours and he's thirteen weeks. No talking or fuss - we just take him out, let him do his business and then take him back to bed. No talking or fussing or cuddling. He needs to learn that getting up in the night is for toilet only.

Ours generally goes to sleep around 11, sleeps until 3-4, wakes to pee, then lets us sleep until 8am if we don't need to be up earlier.

Floralnomad Sun 03-Jun-18 15:08:05

I’d just take the cage to the bedroom and then move him at a later date when he’s more reliably house trained .

sleepwouldbenice Sun 03-Jun-18 23:57:10

Interesting I got one vote for each option....!
Dd has got exams this week to am going to avoid howling by getting up in the night this week, possibly do option 1 week after but he does wee in his crate really quickly so thats a big downside. the one time he woke in the caravan with the storms he weed before we got to him and he was right beside us!

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Tinkobell Mon 04-Jun-18 08:36:21

If your child has exams this week, I'd just tread water and use puppy pads and then retrain in earnest once exams are done.

adaline Tue 05-Jun-18 09:07:27

I think the problem is, puppies don't often know they need to pee until it's too late! Whatever method you use, you just need to be consistent.

Ours is thirteen weeks and we take him every hour during the day when we're home, even if he doesn't go at least we've taken him out and given him the chance. He wakes us at night to go, normally around 4 hours after he goes to sleep, then DP takes him again when he gets up, then it's back to bed until I get up for work.

Personally I don't like puppy pads and we don't use them. I just think they just teach the puppy that it's okay to go in the house, when that's not the message you want to be giving out.

What's he like during the day?

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