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Help. We have a digger!

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Skarossinkplunger Mon 28-May-18 10:09:53

We have an 11week old Patterdale who absolutely loves being outdoors. Final
Injections are tomorrow then another weeks wait until we can get out for walks, so we’ve been making the most of the garden. However she loves digging and we have 3 lawns! Any advice on how to stop this?

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BiteyShark Mon 28-May-18 10:16:17

Cordon off a section of the garden to minimise damage and supervise so remove them if they start digging. Or place something over or around the digging area so they can't continue etc.

Mine eventually grew out of it but we tried to avoid it becoming a habit. He occasionally has a go in the gravely areas but very rarely now (20months old).

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 28-May-18 12:25:34

This is one of the things you signed up for when you got a Patterdale grin

Section off an area where he's allowed to dig and fulfil his instincts. Praise him when he uses it, and when he dogs elsewhere take him over to his digging area and praise him for using it. You can also bury some toys or treats to make that area super exciting.

It's much like teaching a puppy not to chew; they're going to chew something, but you can teach them to chew appropriate things like toys not shoes.

Floralnomad Mon 28-May-18 14:15:55

We have a patterdale x (jrt) , we fenced off the patio area and he only goes on the garden when supervised as he’s a compulsive digger . We tried digging pits and they don’t stop him . We are not garden proud particularly but he dug up and chewed a daffodil bulb as a pup and nearly died and I cannot guarantee that I’ve removed every bulb . When we go out he always digs on any grass / sand / dirt if we stand still for more than a few seconds . He is nearly 8 so not likely to grow out of it now .

Skarossinkplunger Mon 28-May-18 14:32:57

Oh god. These replies are filling me with dread. It’s a rented house so there’s no way we can allow him to dig even part of the garden.

Also she is also a Patterdale x JRT.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 28-May-18 16:42:09

Did you not research the two breeds' characteristics before you took on the puppy?

If the garden really can't be dug in, get a children's sandpit for digging in and be like Mad Eye Moody in the rest of the garden - "constant vigilance!"

Kochkor Mon 28-May-18 16:50:53

I also fenced off the garden, but not before my lawn looked like a re-enactment of the Battle of the Somme. It is amazing how much damage a digging greyhound can do in a short space of time.

As your renting can you get some of that temporary plastic safety barrier to fence off an area - not very attractive, but may do the job.

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