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Recommendations for a car ramp for dogs

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aglassofroseplease Wed 23-May-18 10:00:49

Our 9.5 year old lab has elbow dysplasia and is struggling to get into the boot of our car - a golf estate. We tempt him with treats but he still struggles. We think it's time to get a fold up ramp and wonder if anyone can recommend one. Not only has he got the dysplasia but we've been told by the vet that he has neuropathy in one of his back legs which makes jumping into the car even harder, poor boy - he's such a happy boy too.

UpLighter Wed 23-May-18 10:21:30

What car is it for?
We tried a couple of ramps as have a 4x4 and a big dog.
You want one wide enough for dog and long enough for your car so the gradient is not too steep.
Problem with them is even when folded they are still big. Add in a baby and all their stuff and you are fighting for space.

UpLighter Wed 23-May-18 10:22:43

Doh- saw you said golf estate.
One of the ones we got was the lighter plastic ones, think pets at home had for £50. We got online for £30 and is ok

aglassofroseplease Wed 23-May-18 11:30:19

Thanks @UpLighter I'll have a look in pets at home

KinkyAfro Wed 23-May-18 19:51:52

We got this one for our lab after her cruciate surgery, it's brill but still pretty bulky when folded

aglassofroseplease Wed 23-May-18 22:26:53

Thanks @KinkyAfro

PiafPilaf Fri 25-May-18 14:55:35

Aldi are doing fold up ones as a Specialbuy next week!

aglassofroseplease Fri 25-May-18 16:21:11

@PiafPilaf that sounds good. Are they on their website? I couldn't find them

PiafPilaf Fri 25-May-18 20:14:51

I’m not sure - they were in the catalogue this week, supposed to be in store from Thur 31st so maybe that’s why you can’t see them online yet?

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