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Days out with dog?

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turtletime Sat 05-May-18 18:53:50


We love having our dog come with us on days out but it feels like we have exhausted all our options. What are your favourite places to visit with your dog? Don't mind venturing out (I'm in Berks).

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Schmoozer Sat 05-May-18 18:54:48

Good thread !!
We are taking ours to ironbridge this weekend

HugMeBringItIn Sat 05-May-18 18:56:20

Children Open Air Museum?

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 05-May-18 20:03:33

Are there any events on near you? We have a fun charity dog show coming up, and an agricultural show that allows dogs.

JuneBalloon Tue 08-May-18 21:26:59

Cafe Nero is dog friendly! So wherever you go it's great for a pit stop.

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