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Alfie is being PTS tomorrow. I’m heartbroken.

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mamarach26 Fri 04-May-18 16:44:54

I had a thread a few months ago, about my best mate Alfie.
We found out he had a tumour in his neck. He has lasted 3 months but now the time has come. sad
It’s abcessed and become really smelly, he’s still eating, drinking and eating fine.
He’s being put to sleep tomorrow and I’m lost I’m a wreck.
He won’t want to go in the vets tomorrow and will be pulling to leave.
I feel so guilty.

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ScreamingValenta Fri 04-May-18 16:52:12

I'm so sorry - poor Alfie and you flowers. You mustn't feel guilty - you are doing a loving and very unselfish thing by putting him to sleep before he's in pain. His last memories will be happy ones.

BiteyShark Fri 04-May-18 16:54:48

I am so sorry, spoil him and yourself tonight. You are doing the best thing for him so please don't feel guilty flowers

mamarach26 Fri 04-May-18 17:03:26

I’ve only ever had to take other people’s pets in, who have been ran over so aren’t fully with it. Already lay down, he’s gonna have to fall down and I will feel him go limp.
I know I’m doing the right thing, it just doesn’t feel right. He’s such a good boy, and apart from cancer hes never had a problem. It’s so cruel.
Thank you for all of your kind words.
I’m going to give him some chocolate at the vets, it’s his favourite and he’s never been allowed it (apart from the two times my son fed it to him when I wasn’t looking)

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Middleoftheroad Fri 04-May-18 17:14:05

I'm sorry you all face this.

I've faced it with my dogs and cats and it is so hard, but kind to them when nature is cruel. They go to sleep, painlessly knowing their beloved friend is with them. As an owner that is your kindest gift.

I went alone last time as it was just me and the old gal together, but try to have someone to go back to.

Think of the years of love and loyalty and how your lives were all richer. Pets really do steal the heart.

Thinking of you for tomorrow. He sounds a lovely boy and you a very dear owner.

mamarach26 Fri 04-May-18 17:52:05

It just feels so wrong because he’s acting so normal.. but I know he’s just being brave.
My partner is coming with me, i didn’t know if I could go to be honest.
I couldn’t not go though, I have to be a big girl for him. My mum is having my boys tomorrow cause I know I will be a mess.
Thank you all again

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Willowfrost Fri 04-May-18 17:56:39

I know it will be expensive but can't you get the vet to come to you ?? Then he can be at home comfy in is own bed surrounded by the people who love him.

geekone Fri 04-May-18 18:06:02

I am so sorry your little Alfie looks adorable and I am so sorry you have to go through this. flowers

VerbenaBorensis Fri 04-May-18 18:20:36

If you have been advised by the vet then its better than him suddenly deteriorating and then him being in pain. Have been through this with animals myself so know what u are going through. You know in yr heart u are being kinder and thinking of him-thats what real caring pet owners do. You are putting him first so please try not to feel guilty. Someone I know let their pet struggle on for a long time after it should have been pts. It was cruel and selfish. You aren't like that. You are lovely. It will be hard because you have loved him and him you. Even thou I don't know u will be thinking of you

mamarach26 Fri 04-May-18 18:30:02

I was going to have the vet come here, but I decided against it. My other dog wouldn’t like a stranger in the house, and I probably wouldn’t let the vet take him.
Probably makes no sense but it does in my head. Plus, we want to give him one last walk on the way there.
He’s currently barking at the dog next door, seems so cruel to pts when he’s acting so normal but the smell is rancid and I know he has to be hurting. He’s lost a lot of weight over the past week.
He hates it when me or my partner cries but I can’t help it. My leather sofas stink even through blankets but I don’t care.. as long as he’s comfy.
I feel so strange, knowing by 10.30am tomorrow he won’t be here. sad

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MrsMozart Fri 04-May-18 18:32:17

I'm so sorry flowers

Humphriescushion Fri 04-May-18 18:37:40

I am so sorry, we went through this a few weeks ago so I feel your pain. Know you are doing the right thing and it will get easier. Hugs to you.

mummabearfoyrbabybears Fri 04-May-18 18:40:35

It's so hard. We lost our 15 year old JRT just before Xmas. He was absolutely fine except he has spleen cancer still eating and running about. It never bothered him at all until he fell off the sofa and ruptured something, couldn't walk and had the vet come out immediately and was pts. So hard even when it is almost expected. I'm so sorry for you OP.

shakeyourcaboose Fri 04-May-18 18:46:22

Oh mamarach am so sorry, Alfie is beautiful and you know you are being brave and courageous for him.

elefunk Fri 04-May-18 18:47:24


You are doing the right thing though, after much begging discussion against, my DF left our beautiful family dog until she could no longer stand, and only remained conscious for minutes at a time. It broke my heart to see her suffering, and wish it had been done sooner - one last 'best day' rather than waiting so long.
One last walk and some choc sounds perfect. thanks

Colonelpopcorn Fri 04-May-18 18:48:31

Bless his little heart.
Such a tough decision to make flowers

LaGattaNera Fri 04-May-18 18:49:10

So sorry OP what a gorgeous handsome boy and how he is loved by you he has been happy and adored flowers

mamarach26 Fri 04-May-18 19:35:05

Thank you to all of you.
He’s such a brave boy, keeps coming over to me. I think he’s trying to tell me sad

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shakeyourcaboose Fri 04-May-18 23:30:32

How are you both mamarach?

mamarach26 Sat 05-May-18 07:21:56

I’m dreading it, Alfie is just being a good boy as usual. Thank you for asking!

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Middleoftheroad Sat 05-May-18 07:45:53

Thinking of you today flowers

OrcinusOrca Sat 05-May-18 08:09:34

Thinking of you all thanks

MrsMozart Sat 05-May-18 08:11:01

Another one thinking of Alfie and you flowers

MaitlandGirl Sat 05-May-18 08:13:56

I’m so sorry, sending you both massive hugs and ear scratches for Alfie.

Baylis Sat 05-May-18 08:20:04

Thinking of you and Alfie today thanksthanks

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