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poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 15:09:08

So... our dog has just been diagnosed. He went from stiff back legs every few months, to overnight not being able to climb stairs, step over anything in his way or jump up onto sofas.
We’ve had metacam which we’ve given as and when in the past which has worked fine and within a couple of days he’s back to normal.
This time he’s been on metacam solid for a week and is still yelping in pain.
The vet has added amantadine to this, but 4 days in there is no change. He said to give it 2 weeks.
The dog is so bloody miserable, coupled with the fact he’s now on a diet. He’s just moving around all day and whinging.
How long should I give it?
Anyone else’s dog been prescribed amantadine. How long before you saw a change.
We’ve also started him on yumove bur dint expect that to work overnight.

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JaimeLannister Thu 03-May-18 15:15:22

My oldGoldie is on loxicom long term for her arthritis. She was on both loxicom and amantadine for a week after surgery.

She has been on Yumove for a while now plus mixed vegetable tablets and garlic and fenugreek tablets from Dorwest.

We have also been strict with her weight and started her on hydrotherapy which I feel has helped her.

poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 15:20:33

Yeah we’ve got some hydrotherapy sessions booked too.
Just don’t know what to do in the short term as he’s so sad.
Also need to give the metacam and amantadine together once a day. I’ve been giving before bed so he gets a comfortable sleep but not sure if giving it in the mornings might be better to control his pain during the day?
Any ideas?

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Judashascomeintosomemoney Thu 03-May-18 15:26:17

No idea about Amantadine, Metacam shouldn’t be used long term due to the stress on the kidneys and Yumove should really be started well in advance of lameness problems to gain full benefit, however, have you/your vet considered alternative therapies? Hydrotherapy as pp mentioned is good but what about acupuncture? My last old Labrador girl had acupuncture. I have to admit I was VERY sceptical to begin with but I cannot deny the benefit was immediate and obvious, and unlike the various meds she had been on, its effect did not diminish over time. It meant she was able to have a happy pain free last couple of twilight years. I’d definitely consider it again in future for my other dogs.

poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 15:28:22

That’s exactly what I thought re the metacam but vet said it’s fine to keep taking it and he’s given him 6 months worth to take daily?

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poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 15:37:26

Someone else also recommended acupuncture. We have a limit on our insurance though so I need to pick what I think will be most effective and I’m swaying towards pain killers and hydrotherapy.

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Judashascomeintosomemoney Thu 03-May-18 16:09:55

Hmmm, did the vet say it’s fine to take it meaning for the six months or it’s fine to take it indefinitely? Because if it’s the latter I’d be seeking a second opinion. I have first hand experience of my elderly dog presenting with kidney disease and high blood pressure after prolonged use of Metacam. My vet decided that, considering she was so old anyway, and might not live long enough for prolonged use to affect her, it was worth, on balance, giving her Metacam. However, she surprised us all by being indestructadog and living longer than anyone expected. The vet checked her bloods and bp often and, as soon as kidney problems started, took her off Metacam and onto a supportive Renal care plan and diet and she stayed very stable and lived out the rest of her days til frankly old age got her, bless her. The vet would not have given me six months worth of Metacam without keeping tabs on her though.

Wolfiefan Thu 03-May-18 16:12:11

Would golden paste be ok to use with any of that medication?

mustbemad17 Thu 03-May-18 16:12:55

Maybe a little new age but have a look for magnets that attach to a dog's collar. My 9 year old staff went downhill fast & she was on yumove, metacam & we also used cod liver oil & turmeric on her food. Someone recommended a special magnet specifically designed to help with blood flow & to ease joints & it seemed to help a fair bit quicker than the meds

Judashascomeintosomemoney Thu 03-May-18 16:16:17

Also when you say limit on the insurance do you mean financial or limited to conventional rather than alternative meds? If it’s financial I wonder if it’s worth giving acupuncture a go for a few sessions because if it works ddog might not have to continue with all the other meds? I know our acupuncture bill per month was less than the monthly cost of Metacam, cartrophen, yumove etc . Of course, like in humans I suppose, acupuncture might not work as well on all dogs, we got lucky though, it was literally like a miracle cure from the first session.

poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 16:21:04

I’ll look into magnets. Thanks.
Basically we get £500 per year, per condition.
This can be used for medication or alternative therapies and anything over this £500 we have to pay for.
So the medication is say £200 for 6 months worth, which leaves £300 for anything else. So need to decide what’s going to be most effective.
Was going to do 6 weeks of hydrotherapy. But still not 100% sure.
I just want something that helps his pain quickly. He can’t even step over a toy on the floor in his way. He’s so so miserable.

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Judashascomeintosomemoney Thu 03-May-18 16:26:41

Ah I see, our cover per condition was higher but also alternative therapies were covered separately so we were able to do it. Hydrotherapy may well help, best wishes for ddog and hope he gets some relief soon.

poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 16:44:33

Just bought a bio flow collar. They’ve got really good reviews so it’s got to be worth a go.
Any idea when these pain killers will kick in?
Would have thought 4 days later they might be doing something. If no improvement in 2 weeks the vet will change to something ends. Just hate the thought of another 10 days of him in pain sad

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poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 19:07:35

Shameless bump for the evening crowd smile

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fivedogstofeed Thu 03-May-18 20:45:09

I started ddog on CBD oil.
(She already takes Yumove and turmeric, has a magnetic collar and does hydrotherapy.)
It took a couple of days to see a difference but the change was remarkable. The dog who had been trudging sadly at my side for weeks suddenly picked up speed and really seemed back to her old self. She is 11 and has a really bad hip on one side.

poorlywoofer Thu 03-May-18 20:56:32

Where do you get the oil from?
I’ll deffo look into it.
Don’t want to try a load of new things at once tho so may introduce in a few weeks so I can tell what is and what isn’t helping.

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fivedogstofeed Thu 03-May-18 21:55:00

You can buy in health food shops, pharmacies, Amazon...

Teaformeplease Thu 03-May-18 22:03:35

My dog was a bit stiff on her back legs after a walk. I started her on glucosamine and chondroitin tablets (human ones fron Wilkinson) and linseed oil capsules (from Holland and Barrett) as I was taking them myself because I've got arthritis starting too. She has also lost about a kilo in weight. She is much brighter and not stiff after a walk now so I'll keep on with the supplements for both of us. Just got to work on me losing some weight now!

tabulahrasa Thu 03-May-18 23:07:23

Metacam is fine to give long term under veterinary supervision... they will at some point want to check things like kidney function though.

I’ve used amantadine - it was only for a couple of months a few years ago though, so I’m afraid I don’t remember how long it took to kick in... I’m s bit surprised they’ve gone straight to that if it’s bad just now though, over something immediate like tramadol.

scattyhattie Fri 04-May-18 01:31:55

Did the vet check his back over fully? Sounds like could be spinal if suddenly struggling to walk over objects or jump.

My dog see's a veterinary physiotherapist, she's been very good at pinpointing issues, and help treat as the body as a whole as it offloads to compensate which can alter gait and cause strain elsewhere including muscles/soft tissues. We combine physio with hydrotherapy on underwater treadmill at same place, your going to get limited results in 6 sessions but should show by then if its helping and reduce muscle wasting due to lack of mobility on land.

poorlywoofer Fri 04-May-18 07:02:58

I was wondering if it was his back. But no the vet didn’t really feel his back.
He pulled his legs around and the dog was shaking like a leaf, but didn’t yelp out. I think he was putting on a brace face?
But then I think it may be his back legs, as he can go down stairs quite happily, but not up stairs.
I was also surprised re starting on amantadine rather than something stronger. He said give it 2 weeks and if no improvement he will change meds.
Now 5 days in and no change. He’s sleeping well as I give painkillers before bed, but that’s about it!
They’ve said the hydrotherapy app is 1.5 hours for the first one as they assess his gait and try and pinpoint exactly the bit that is painful for him.

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poorlywoofer Fri 04-May-18 07:04:35

Also he walks ok-ish. You can tell he’s stiff, but other dogs I’ve known with arthritis have really shaky back legs and almost drag their legs behind them.
I suppose the treatment is the same anyway whether it is legs or back though.

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tabulahrasa Fri 04-May-18 07:54:17

“I suppose the treatment is the same anyway whether it is legs or back though.”

Unless it was a back issue you were willing to get investigated then yes... mine has dodgy elbows and a dodgy back, hence the lots of painkillers.

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