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Patella luxation surgery

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Emma145 Wed 18-Apr-18 21:25:08


I have a male pug, Charlie , who is 1 and a half . The last few days we have noticed him limping and then this morning his knee seemed to come out of its socket and he wouldn't put any weight on it. Took him to the vets who said he has patella luxaxtion grade 3 and needs surgery.

Surgery is booked for tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else's dog has had this surgery and how they found it and the recovery period? I'm so worried for him though sounds like the best option. Doesn't help that I'm 33 weeks pregnant either so emotional anyway! Hoping he can recover quite a bit before the baby arrives!

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WeAllHaveWings Thu 19-Apr-18 21:30:26

Our lab had this surgery last year but Im not sure how much of a difference the op and recovery will be on a small dog. Because our dog was larger the vet couldn't operate as the method of surgery was different and he was referred to the vetinary hospital.

I've attached his discharge instructions for info. It's pretty much how things went for us, but he had a little setback at 2.5 months and ended up with a limp and an extra xray which took another 3 weeks or so to go.

He was very whiny and out of sorts for the first few days after surgery, just lay about really and wanted someone on the floor beside him most of the time, dh slept downstairs on a mattress for the first 2 weeks (probably wasnt entirely necessary but made dh feel better!). He had a cone which we took off when we were in the same room as the wound didn't bother him but put it on when we left the room even if it was only for a minute. You really need to make sure there are no opportunities to climb stairs or jump anywhere as we think that's how he had a limp again.

After the op he took around 3-4 days to poop, not sure if it was because he couldn't position himself with his sore leg or because he had been starved before the op.


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