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It's almost two years.... desperate for another dog

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LuckyLuckyWoman Thu 05-Apr-18 15:49:10

Two years next week since we had to say goodbye to our boy. I have spoke to him and missed him every single day

Have suddenly found myself thinking I am punishing myself by not having another dog.

How do you go about finding a new dog? It needs to be one that doesn't shed hair, which makes finding one in rescue rather difficult.

Lots of googling haven't helped much. Even looked on Gumtree, but feel very weird about even thinking of buying a dog from there.

So any tips on where to start?

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bunnygeek Thu 05-Apr-18 16:01:18

The grieving process differs for everyone, but it sounds like you're ready for a new pup. It's never a replacement, just addition to the forever family!

Forget freelistings 100%. They're plagued with poorly bred dogs, illegally imported dogs and puppy farmed animals. It's a minefield and a serious issue.

What kind of breeds did you have in mind? Low-shed breeds like Bichons are very common in rescue. Also see weirder breeds like Chinese Cresteds pop up! The "doodle" types definitely show up too but often have behavioural issues - someones got conned into the cute doodle puppy but totally underestimated the level of training required. There are lots of actual Poodles out there as well.

Either go to a legitimate rescue (beware fake rescues, those exist too) or a Kennel Club assured breeder, although that too can be a minefield as KC assured doesn't always mean quality. FYI KC registered isn't the same as assured.

scattyhattie Thu 05-Apr-18 16:20:35

Luckily I've always had multiple dogs, but I think its hard to want to open yourself up to going through that grief again & lots have associated guilt about replacing or comparing with their beloved dog.

I think kennel club will have info on which breeds are non/low shedding & would also meet your lifestyle. If you definitely want a puppy then its best to contact breed club and try go and meet some at a show or breeder to find out if breeds for you. They should also help steer you towards a decent breeder, many breeds have health tests to help clear/reduce risk of being effected by genetic conditions so you want to know what these are. Last thing you want is more heartbreak.

Someone I know whose an experience dog owner bought pup & now has youngster needing hip replacements & will go over insurance cover, pups mum was hip tested but father wasn't.

The KC site lists breed welfare /rescue contacts but googling may bring up others. I know there's a couple of poodle rescues about. All breed rescues may also have suitable dogs if you know what your looking for. You do get puppies & youngsters in rescue, full parentage may not always be known (mum may of had litter in rescue) and coat therefore less predictable but depends on reasoning for non-shedding if that's a problem

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