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anyone else got an 11month and a 2month old?

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whatatod0 Mon 02-Apr-18 12:53:45

Just that really. We've just bought home puppy no 2 and despite an initial not-very-nice greeting, they are getting on great now.
Loads of puppy play going on - it is truly exhausting!

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Hausfullofgrls Mon 02-Apr-18 13:35:52

I've got a 4 year old and two one year olds. Definitely exhausting.

Oops4 Mon 02-Apr-18 13:50:15

We have a year between ours. It is exhausting but worth it as they get older. I would suggest as much individual training as possible so they both individually know what's expected. Ours got on Iike a house on fire and love rioting with each other but we've learnt we need to keep a control on this. What a pup needs from an older dog is to learn what is allowed and when your older dog is effectively still a pup they don't get that as much. Our older dogs is so tolerant but the pup started to think all dogs wanted her to hang from their necks.....doesn't come across very well when you meet other dogs out! We now control their play more so she learns a limit. They are best friends and it's lovely to see

whatatod0 Mon 02-Apr-18 18:21:05

Oops4 - we were thinking the same thing about the puppy play. As soon as the vaccinations are done I think puppy2 needs to meet as many older (i.e. not puppies) dogs as possible to learn proper play behaviour. I'm hoping they'll enjoy each others company and settle down eventually!

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whatatod0 Mon 02-Apr-18 18:25:44

I'm sitting here with my feet in-between the pups. elder pup keeps inching forward on his tummy with a squeaky toy making his way to new puppy's nose!! I think he thinks I haven't noticed!!

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