Northern Inuit/British Timber Dogs

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CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 18:09:22


I'm looking to see if any MNers have either of the above breeds. I'm looking to get one in 2019 when dd is nearly 8 and ds will be 3.

A bit of background, we currently have a Malamute bitch, she's 9 and is a nice dog. However, she's very much dh's dog and isn't great with other dogs out and about but is ok with other dogs of the same type like other Mals, Sibes etc. She's ok with the children and tolerates them but we're obviously careful that neither children are left alone with her.

Im a sahm and I have a horse. I want a dog that I can take hacking with me and therefore will be more trainable than a Mal.

I'd like to take the new dog gun dog training as I feel it would benefit the dog long term. Our yard (where I keep the horse) is very dog oriented and would provide the perfect opportunity for dog socialisation and we have a massive garden so I'm sure I've got all bases covered.

I've met one NI and he was gorgeous, very friendly and well behaved. His owner told me about the breeder she got him from and I'd like to start there.

Can anyone tell me if they have one and what life is like with them? I'm good with large breeds, training etc but really want to know what their trainability is like and anything else coming from someone who has one.

Many thanks!

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Ickyockycocky Sun 25-Mar-18 18:10:58

Never heard of the breed, why not get a labrador or a golden retriever?

SomeKnobend Sun 25-Mar-18 18:16:47

So you want something with a kind of wolf-ish look but trainable and a good pet as you've got kids? What about a German Shepherd?

CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 18:16:58

Umm, because I don't want to? 🤨

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CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 18:18:56

I'm not super keen on GSD's due to the current issues with their backs. In all honesty, I don't like the direction the breed is going.

I want something like a Mal, but with better trainability.

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Ickyockycocky Sun 25-Mar-18 18:19:43

Fair enough OP but I'm just thinking they are well known gun dog breeds, easy to train, great with children and other dogs. What more could you ask for?

CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 18:24:16

I don't want a gun dog per se, I want my dog to be well trained so I can take it out with me. You can't do this with a Mal (or a Siberian Husky for that matter) and I'd like to know how easy they are to train.

I feel that gun dog training better improves the bond and understanding between owner and dog. My dog won't be sent away, we'll do it together a few times a week. I have friends with Labs and Lab crosses and they've all recommended to me that for a well trained dog, this is the best way to go.

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missbattenburg Sun 25-Mar-18 18:24:44

No experience myself but recalled there was a little bit about them discussed on another forum recently...

TeddyIsaHe Sun 25-Mar-18 18:28:00

Blimey, from reading that thread it seems like you would be completely mad to even consider one of these dogs op!

CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 18:31:43

I'll have a quick read, thank you for posting that.

I've done a lot of research into the breeder I'd like to use and have both heard & read good things. As with all breeds, I imagine there are many who are less than reputable!

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missbattenburg Sun 25-Mar-18 18:32:49

They certainly look harder work to train than a Mally to me, not easier...

CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 18:33:23

I'd like to point out, that neither the NI nor BTD actually have any wolf in them! They've been bred to look like wolves!

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Bubble2bubble Sun 25-Mar-18 18:36:39

I'm not convinced a NI would be trainable to the degree you could take one hacking off lead, although I do have a friend who does this with her Tamaskan. ( fabulous dog, not quite as big as a NI but has been a huge commitment to train, does agility and obedience)

tabulahrasa Sun 25-Mar-18 18:40:21

To be honest if you want more trainable than a mal, you need to move away from that type of breed.

The ‘wolf’ dog breeds are all just crosses of different sled dogs with just enough GSD in there to change the coat colour.

ShortandAnnoying Sun 25-Mar-18 18:40:45

I know someone with a tamaskan dog it's massive but very good natured. It comes bounding up to me like a giant puppy and puts its head in my pocket for treats. Not sure how trainable it is but I love it.

AnotherOriginalUsername Sun 25-Mar-18 19:33:53

You'll find that they're on a lot of exempt breed lists for pet insurance

CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 19:45:56

There is no actual wolf in either an NI or a BTD, as a previous poster said, it's mainly mal x gsd.

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TeddyIsaHe Sun 25-Mar-18 19:49:09

But if you want to avoid the back problems of a GSD why would you get a dog with that breed in it? Makes abolsutely no sense to me!

AnotherOriginalUsername Sun 25-Mar-18 19:52:16

But if you want to avoid the back problems of a GSD why would you get a dog with that breed in it? Makes abolsutely no sense to me!

Especially considering that those with decent, health tested GSDs that are worthy of being bored from, wouldn't dream of using them to create cross breeds...

TopBitchoftheWitches Sun 25-Mar-18 19:54:26

I have an almost 10 yr old gsd, easily the best dog I have ever trained. She is amazing and still happy to learn new things even now.

shinook123 Sun 25-Mar-18 20:11:09

We had a Northern Inuit.
We have also had gsds and malamutes.
Our Inuit was beautiful,super temperament and loved people,kids,other dogs and cats.
We could let her off the lead etc but she was the hardest dog ever to train in the house.Despite having other dogs she hated being without human contact even for five minutes.
She destroyed our house even chewing through the front door in a matter of minutes just because I was out in the street chatting to a neighbour.
Sadly she died of cancer at a very young age.

TeddyIsaHe Sun 25-Mar-18 20:31:11

Cracking point Another no decent breeder of GSD’s that have clear lines would ever consider cross-breeding. So this reputable breeder you’ve found will likely not be.

Lots to think about!

noitsnotteatimeyet Sun 25-Mar-18 20:44:53

One of my friends has two northern Inuit dogs - they’re absolutely beautiful animals but although she’s very dog-savvy she’s not managed to get a reliable recall so can’t ever let them off-lead unless in an enclosed space. She’s taken up Cani-cross and on the plus side it’s made her extremely fit!! One of them is ok with other dogs but her girl isn’t so that adds an extra dimension to walks. She usually runs with them on harnesses very early/late when it’s quiet

Ylvamoon Sun 25-Mar-18 21:27:35

There is a British Timber Dog breeder near me and I have met the dogs on several occasions. I do talk to him as I love his dogs!!!
Firstly, they are fantastic looking dogs. I can see why anyone would like to own one.
But they are high energy dogs and need a lot of 1:1 attention and training. The breeder I know, uses his for sledding (ok he uses his bike for training), 3-4 dogs at a time in a busy park and never been a problem - the dogs are very focused and obviously well trained. So I think running with/ beside the horse is more than possible with the right training.
I'm just not sure about the gun dog training (please correct me if wrong!) as my understanding is that they have a low pray drive and prefer to work beside / with other pack members or their owners. On the other hand, they are intelligent and can be trained to competition obedience standards. My understanding is, that this would very much depend on the individual dog rather than a breed trait.

CatchIt Sun 25-Mar-18 22:06:47

Judging by the photos I found I don't think the sloping back is prevalent in the NI or BTD as they are a varying mix of Mal, Sibe & GSD.

I have to say, I'm disappointed that some posters are not answering the question and being obtuse by saying stupid things like to get a Lab or a Retriever. I wasn't asking what dog to get, I think I've laid down in my post my requirements and questions.

It was a fairly simple question. Do you have experience of the breed. If not, I'm not that interested. If you do, then I would be interested in a response, be it positive or negative.

Typical MN. 😒

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