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Best pet insurance

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ilovesprouts Sat 17-Mar-18 10:43:22

Have two dogs I've been looking at pet insurance but they is so much choice not sure what to go for any ideas lady's thanks x

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Elmersnewfriend Sat 17-Mar-18 10:46:26

We have petplan

More expensive but it will continue to cover conditions in renewal years - something we are extremely grateful for.

Icequeen01 Sat 17-Mar-18 10:50:33

Definitely Petplan! It isn't cheap but I've been with them for 6 years and they have been great. Make sure you get lifetime cover.

TerfyMcTerface Sat 17-Mar-18 10:51:21

Yes, Petplan. We had to make a £9k claim last year and they were brilliant. No quibbles at all (unlike an insurer we used previously), and it's one of the few companies where vets are willing to be paid directly by the insurer rather than you having to pay and then claim back.

BiteyShark Sat 17-Mar-18 17:58:19

I can't fault petplan and I have had to claim many times and they have paid out quickly. Haven't used any others so can't compare.

OhWotIsItThisTime Sun 18-Mar-18 07:48:50

Petplan. Claims don’t affect what you pay.

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