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Phantom pregnancy??

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Pandoraphile Tue 13-Mar-18 09:07:23

My toy poodle x JR is behaving extremely oddly. She's normally all over you, the first one running to the door to greet you, following you everywhere. But since last night she hasn't left her bed. She's not ill, she's eating and drinking, her eyes are bright and she seems alert. She's sitting in her bed, not lying down. And she won't let my other dog anywhere near which is strange because he's top dog. She's un-spayed. She hasn't been anywhere near other dogs; out garden is stone walled and totally secure and she doesn't go out of my sight on walks. She's a clingy little thing.

I can only think of a phantom pregnancy?!? She was last in heat about a month ago. She's coming up to four years old now.

Thoughts, anyone??

pigsDOfly Tue 13-Mar-18 15:52:41

Well the timing's right and it can make them very depressed and grumpy, which could explain why she's a bit off with your other dog.

Basically a bitch going through a phantom pregnancy will behave pretty much the same as one going through a normal pregnancy: nesting, lactating, restlessness etc.

Obviously vet would be able to tell you.

Is there a reason why you haven't had her spayed?

stressedoutfred Tue 20-Mar-18 22:52:34

I was just coming on to ask the same question! My 9 month old poodle/schnauzer cross was in season late January. The last couple of days she's been acting odd, subdued, whimpering, not eating much. Hoping to get her spayed in the next month or so

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