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Raw feeders?

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Elphame Mon 12-Mar-18 14:26:42

I'm just starting down this road with Elfpup.

Is there any interest in an ongoing support and advice thread? I'm finding it quite challenging at the moment both with having raw meat in the house for the fist time in 30 years and in getting the pup to eat it!

FittyPheasant Mon 12-Mar-18 18:14:44

I raw feed but after a few months of messing around with chunks of meat I copped out and feed a complete raw feed. It’s so easy, all you need is s a freezer.

Yourownpersonaljesus Mon 12-Mar-18 18:33:55

I'm vegetarian so I use Nutriment, which is a complete food. My dog loves it.

JaneEyre70 Mon 12-Mar-18 18:37:50

I'm also vegetarian, so am using True Instinct by Natures Menu. My spaniel absolutely loves it, and his coat has completely changed since he's been on it. It's all soft and glossy, even though he was on good quality food beforehand (Millie's Wolfheart). I did try the bags of frozen cubes but tbh it gave him such an upset stomach that I've not tried again and am happy with this compromise.

There are lots of raw feeder groups on FB, though some are a bit erm "passionate" about it, shall we say grin.

missbattenburg Mon 12-Mar-18 18:37:51

Another one who uses a complete raw food here. I just find it so much more convenient.

I switch brands fairly regularly but find Nutriment, Natural Instinct, Luna & Me, Jack Wolf, Cotswold and Akela all good foods so tend to go with whatever I fancy buying next.

I use kibble as training treats for easy tasks and occasionally use my own cooked food or a complete wet food like Forthglade but that's only because I want to make sure he'll eat lots of different things should I need the option to feed something different (e.g. a boating holiday in the summer where freezer space will be in short supply).

Whatdoiladymcbeth Mon 12-Mar-18 18:54:48

I buy from Durham animal feed and mix feed. Very outdated information says you shouldn’t but my dogs get the best of both worlds. Their meat is animal grade and I feel Millie’s wolfheart biscuits. All I do is ensure the type of meat changes regularly and chuck them a non load bearing bone 2-3 times a week. Very happy dogs. One even had a slight skin issue which is now all gone.

Elphame Mon 12-Mar-18 21:22:09

I've been feeding Elfpup on Honey's complete. I don't want to DIY but I do want to be able to give him the odd raw treat on top.

The FB raw feeders are a very scary lot - I've just effectively been told to RTFM in the files when I asked a simple question. I had actually read the starter guide (which is very simplistic) and my question wasn't covered....! Not sure I want to be part of that community.

FittyPheasant Mon 12-Mar-18 22:40:21

I find the raw feeding rebels a friendly bunch on FB, some of the others are far too black and white.

Elphame Tue 13-Mar-18 12:29:07

I'll take a look- thanks!

nellieellie Thu 15-Mar-18 22:46:56

I feed mine raw. As Im vegetarian, I started with Nutriment. Now do mainly DIY from paleo ridge which sources ethically. Feed venison, beef, lamb and tripe mainly as don’t like to feed pig, some rabbit or pheasant with offal and bone - chicken wings/ carcass or ribs/duck necks. I use fb groups Raw Feeding Advice and Support (bit scary sometimes but good info in files) Barf UK (gentler), and Rawsome and Holistic (good re natural remedies) .

Terfinater Fri 16-Mar-18 03:04:45

My dog wasn't entirely convinced at first either. I cooked it just a little bit and that made a big difference. Mine doesn't like complete mince at all and prefers meat on bone like whole prey, various carcasses, venison necks, venison bones.

I order on line and the complete is a lot cheaper so it's a shame she doesn't like it. I have noticed there's no farts, no squits and she smells really nice since she's been on it.

Lordofmyflies Sat 17-Mar-18 14:02:42

I feed Bella and duke, raw complete and its so easy. I switched to this after raw feeding DIY and the results are great. Less wind, great shine and he eats it all.

Elphame Sun 18-Mar-18 20:02:49

Well he's finally starting to clear his bowl and look for more which is a huge relief.

He had his first raw egg in the garden before the snow came down. I wish I'd videoed him. He picked it up oh so gently and then tossed it in the air like he would a ball with predictable results!

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