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Toilet stops in the rain

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beachykeen01 Mon 12-Mar-18 08:13:24

We have had our labradoodle puppy for a little over a week now, he's almost 11weeks. He has only had two toilet accidents inside in a week, we make sure he goes out regularly at key times and he loves mucking around in the garden so is outdoors a lot. Here in NZ we are in late summer and have had good weather since puppy came home however today it's raining. A lot. And puppy is a bit spooked!! He wanted to go out this evening I went with him with a brolly and walked around but he wasn't keen to get on the grass / in the rain. 5 min later he was back at the door and I took him out again but to no avail... then he caught me out and peed inside.

Any tips on how to get him to pee in the rain!!!

I also suspect he needs a poop 🤪

Pic for gratuitous cuteness 😍

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Cath2907 Mon 12-Mar-18 09:44:04

Our pup is 13 weeks and has done most of his toilet training in snow, freezing weather and rain. I suspect more of it is him training me than the other way around... I know when he needs a wee and a poo based on when he last went, if he has been sleeping / eating etc.. He often doesn't want to go if the weather is really bad (it is piddling down with rain today) and will gallop back and sit by the back door looking hopeful. I am having non of it after a spate of house pooing. I just pick him up and return him to his toilet spot. Normally I only have to do it twice, sometimes a third time and he'll give up and go and then we can go back in. Possibly tougher with a larger puppy!!

pigsDOfly Mon 12-Mar-18 11:52:13

Unfortunately a lot of dogs seem to hate the rain, he's going to have to get used to it though.

Meanwhile you might just have to stand out in the rain with him for however long it takes for him to perform, five minutes is probably not long enough. It's not pleasant standing in the rain for half an hour but if that's what it takes; my dog can spend five minutes turning in circles trying to locate the right spot in which to poo, drives me mad.

Do you have a word or phrase that you use to encourage him to pee or poo. Train him with his special word and give him masses of praise and treats when he does pee. Eventually, he should learn to pee on command.

BiteyShark Mon 12-Mar-18 11:55:17

I toilet trained in the winter and had to force the issue by standing out in all weathers huddled under an umbrella until he finally had to pee or poo.

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