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Dog given cat worming tablets higher dose

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TorvillandDean Sat 24-Feb-18 07:47:37

I bought 3 doses of Milbemax from the vets. Last month, my husband gave the dog the Milbemax ... and didn't notice the picture of a cat on the blister packs. I've gone to give her a dose today and realised he had given her a cat's version/dose last month.

She didn't appear to have any ill effects apart from a bit of lethargy and very loose poo at the time. The cat's dose she was given was for up to 16kg cats, whereas my dog only weighs 10kg.

Is she likely to have been protected ok in that time? Obviously I'm not going to give it her again today and will go to the vets to swap it when they open.

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TorvillandDean Sun 25-Feb-18 08:23:40

In case this is useful for anyone else:

Had a long conversation with the vet yesterday - the pills were a staff nurse mistake and it's definitely not ok for a dog to have cat Milbemax. My dog was overdosed. Fortunately, she only had the loose poo and a bit of lethargy, and no other ill effects. A sign of nervous system damage caused by overdosing would have been wobbly legs, which she didn't have.

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