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Kennels for 1st time !!!

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Layniboggs123 Mon 19-Feb-18 22:22:46

Hi it's my sister wedding in August and we are all going to Cyprus . I have a 3 year old spaniel cross which I'm going to have to put in kennels as there is no 1 to watch him. I am so nervous and feel sick at the thought. He his quiet anxious dog and there is just me and my son since my husband left so it's made him more timid round currently in a dog class to hopefully let him socialise more. I don't want the dog to think we are leaving him for good. Any advise ??? Do they just settle in ? Thanks

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ilovepixie Mon 19-Feb-18 22:29:16

Is there no one in your local area who looks after dogs in their own homes? When we go away we leave our dog with a couple who run a dog sitting business from there own home. The dogs have the run of their house just like they would do at home. My dog loves it, we wouldn't put her in kennels as we wouldn't want her being locked up all the time.

Pumpkintopf Mon 19-Feb-18 22:30:45

Could you try him for a weekend whilst you're around first to see how he settles? Alternatively agree on the own Home boarding or even hiring a sitter to stay at yours.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 19-Feb-18 22:33:18

Must it be kennels? You can often find homeboarding options where he can stay in someone's home. The person who runs the basic training classes my dog used to go to does it within her own home at a reasonable rate (£30/night, inner London, including walks). I could probably find someone else who would do it cheaper, but as my dog has issues that need someone experienced who can manage him on walks, there's a limited range of people who I'd trust (Borrow My Doggy or similar would not be wise).

If your dog trainer doesn't do it themselves, I'm sure they'll know someone reliable who does.

In terms of settling the dog in, I realise this might not be possible for everyone, but when I knew my dog was going to need to stay at DF's for a week, I made sure we went out walking together, we visited his house and I left and came back again a couple of times, and so he knew where he was when he found himself there without 'mum'; reportedly he settled quite well. You could send your dog out for walkies with the boarder once or twice so he can get used to the individual if you feel it would be helpful.

Layniboggs123 Mon 19-Feb-18 22:37:57

Hi thanks I'll look into home bording it just scares me in case chews anything . I think I might try the kennel for a night see how it goes .

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Layniboggs123 Mon 19-Feb-18 22:40:14

I'm going to look into it thanks . I would prefer home bording to kennels x

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choxanwine Mon 19-Feb-18 22:49:17

Agree about the home boarding option - try Wagging Tails - lovely licensed carers:

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 19-Feb-18 22:56:01

I'm sure home boarders consider chewing to be an occupational hazard that's to be expected.

Are you working on addressing the chewing? It's not really an issue I've had but I gather the general idea is that you offer an alternative that's suitable for chewing on instead (e.g. dog toy) and praise them when they use that instead.

Layniboggs123 Mon 19-Feb-18 23:08:55

Hi yes I'm going back to basics with him training like he should have been from day 1 . Husband left 6 months ago and he started growling weeing in house and chewing it's affected him so much but hopefully with dog classes I'll have bit more time to focus on this before go away x

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Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Mon 19-Feb-18 23:28:05

Get him his own passport and take him with you?
Put a dickie-bow on him - could be a very cute ring-bearer!
Disclaimer - I've had 2 large gin & T's grin
Enjoy the wedding!

BiteyShark Tue 20-Feb-18 07:13:01

Find a home boarder and do a couple of nights as a trial run so you can relax as much as possible as we all worry about them when you are away.

Layniboggs123 Tue 20-Feb-18 07:40:09

Thanks for the advise everyone gonna look into home boarding x

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newme175 Tue 20-Feb-18 07:42:56

I home board using the DogBuddy website

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Tue 20-Feb-18 12:16:00

Defo home board. I used to use an agency for this but they went bust - even so, one or two of the boarders were a bit weird - though we had one nice lady for ages. Now, I would probably only take local recommendations from neighbourhood dog owners. My dog now boards with a nice man locally (I don't want my dog boarding miles away). We did have to have two trials with him first though - a trial day, to see how she got on with the group and on walks, followed by a trial overnight. Luckily, she passed (even though wee'd on his carpet on one occasion). As stated by someone above, I think dog boarders have "seen it all" and can cope with lots of little problems.

DeepfriedPizza Wed 21-Feb-18 15:11:39

Pizzapup is an anxious dog. We put her into home boarding a couple of weeks ago for the weekend. The dog walker we use offers home boarding too so that was helpful. Could you look into that option, maybe get them to take the dog out on walks a few times to win him over?

Rowgtfc72 Fri 23-Feb-18 19:04:30

We put our 14 year old jrt in kennels for the first time 18 months ago. We weren't allowed to book untill we had taken her for a look round and to meet the owner's. The kennel was basic but the owner greeted us covered in dog hair and with a big smile. She ran straight to him and if it was fine with her it was ok with us. She was there for a fortnight and not overly keen to see us when we picked her up. We've used the kennel twice since.

I think its a case of listen to your dog. Some are fine with kennels, some are not.

Jasmin82 Fri 23-Feb-18 19:15:21

Resident Collie loves kennels. She's only ever been to 3. The first (now sadly closed) she loved, the second is our emergency back up as she "shouts" at the staff when she first sees them. The final one is our first choice if her breeder isn't able to look after her. She arrives, checks the check in counter for treats, "shouts" at the GSD, because she doesn't like him being fluffy and ignoring her and then goes off with the staff without a backwards glance.
The only home boarding I use is with her breeders as she's a fussy git with who she likes. Thankfully, her breeders are normally able to have her and are happy to because she just fits in and doesn't cause any trouble.

Charliemum1 Sat 24-Feb-18 20:59:41

We have the same problem. Our rescue dog of three months is great, not many issues but she absolutely hates her crate and has destroyed it. She is fine being left loose in the house so we are concerned it’s the bars and mesh of the crate she objects to having been in several shelters prior to coming to us and kennels are all made of this! Also being an ex-street dog she is an escape artist extraordinaire!!

Not sure I trust home boarders to be able to keep her safe while we are away but she will hate being caged.

rose69 Sun 25-Feb-18 06:43:07

Could you find a house sitter who will stay at yours with your dog. Perhaps someone who does cold minding and is used to dogs

Charliemum1 Sun 25-Feb-18 07:17:10

House sitting might just be the answer, thanks

applesareredandgreen Sat 03-Mar-18 22:13:39

Have just been looking for holiday accommodation for my JRT (will be nearly 2 when we travel). Had always planned he would go to home board but due to the timing of our holiday we could only find one agency who offered us a placement to visit. Straight away we could see that this lady wanted an older more placid dog and we would have nightmares about whether our little dog was misbehaving if left.

Subsequently we have looked around a few kennels - and they are not all the same at all! We've booked him into a family run 'luxury' kennel where he will have his own little room with a sofa and window to look out of! Dogs have 3 walks a day including a fenced field where they can run around and play together. We are going to take him to meet the owners next week.

I know he will miss us but I'm feeling happier about him being somewhere with a different but set routine rather than him not knowing what is expected of him in a strangers house.

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