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Dog poo wormery

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JellyJ Sun 25-Feb-18 12:12:06

Some of the in-ground ones are big enough to cope with the waste from more than one dog - Doggie Dooley have one for 3-4 dogs which looks quite good.

Evalina Wed 21-Feb-18 17:11:19

Ah great thanks, may give it a go!

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abbsisspartacus Tue 20-Feb-18 19:51:25

Two dogs a collie cross and a large English Springer

Grrrrrsnarl Tue 20-Feb-18 19:46:26

We had a wormery from wormcity that we used for our golden lab.
It worked pretty well because we did our food waste at the same time, As have 2 large dogs it does sound like quite a lot of poop! though it should be able to handle it

Evalina Mon 19-Feb-18 21:51:26

How many dogs did they have? I think I read that the ones you bury can only cope with 'output' from one hound! Will investigate thanks..

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abbsisspartacus Mon 19-Feb-18 20:04:04

My parents used to use a dog loo you buried it in the ground and filled it with water occasionally the poop broke down and leaches out into the soil

Evalina Mon 19-Feb-18 20:00:57

We have 2 largish dogs (setters), and have been thinking of getting some kind of dog poo wormery but the reviews are mixed so wondering if anyone has any experience of these and would recommend them?

Otherwise, am thinking we could get a separate bin and then transfer bagged poo into the General bin just before collection, but am not keen to add to landfill if we can avoid it.

What do other people do?

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