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Dog insurance recommendations??

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Foreverhopeful22 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:45:40

I have a 14 week old Chinese crested powderpuff can anyone recommend good insurance companies for dogs

I'm looking for lifetime cover he is in good health etc

Thank you in advance

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 19-Feb-18 17:52:21

PetPlan is the one that's usually recommended

BiteyShark Mon 19-Feb-18 18:17:44

There have been a few similar threads recently so you might want to search for them so you can see what was said.

I use petplan and they have paid out around £2.5k in the first year. The premiums might seem pricey to begin with but mine didn't go up much on renewal despite all my claims and they do say on their site premiums go up based on age and location but not on claims.

I can't give any opinions of other companies as I have only had petplan.

Eifla Mon 19-Feb-18 20:04:58

Petplan a million times over. I’ve maxed my £8k policy two years running and on track to do the same this year too.

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