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New puppy - so many questions!

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Jeffers3 Wed 14-Feb-18 09:24:28

We picked up our puppy just over a week ago and we are both smitten by him. He's our first pup as we got our last dog as a 4 yo rescue. I just have so many questions 🙈

- what is the best food for him? The breeder had been feeding him puppy iams and so we've continued to do that but is that the best? You have to feed so much of it and I'm wondering if there are foods that are more nutritious and so you feed less of it?

- at the moment he sleeps in a crate next to the bed, he was waking once for a pee at about 4am but now he sleeps though until 6.30 which is great (I do appreciate I sound like I'm talking about a baby here!). We eventually would like him to be sleeping downstairs, when should we start to do this?

- he's had his first jabs and we've got 3 weeks until the seconds and I know he can't be walked until then but we live on a farm so would it be okay to walk him on the private lanes and fields?

- he's a working cocker x springer spaniel so is bright as a button, I've been doing a bit of 'training' with him, just coming to his name, looking at me, sit and down for a maximum of a couple of mins twice a day. Is this too much too soon? I don't want to fry his wee puppy brain.

- last one I promise! My mums got a 5 month old puppy and so they've spent a bit of time together when they are together they play really hard, looks really rough but neither of them have squeaked or actually got each other, when you put your hands between them there's not actually much contact but it just looks a bit scary. Is this normal puppy play or should we be interviening? They let each other sleep and also drink at the same time, share toys etc. Also, will having a friend that he always plays with as the only dog he knows effect his future interactions with others? Or will it be something he can differentiate between?

Sorry, I know I sound like a total novice and so any help much appreciated smile x

BiteyShark Wed 14-Feb-18 09:45:20

I suggest you join the puppy survival thread on here for support.

1. Look on to see how the different brands stack up and then make a choice based on that.

2. Mine slept in kitchen from day 1 with a baby monitor so I could see him so can't advise. Ironically he now sleeps in our bedroom as an adult grin

3. Ask you vet for advise but personally I would not risk it especially as it's farm land with lots of animals etc.

4. Keep training sessions short as it will tire him out at this age but yes you can start training now.

Nesssie Thu 15-Feb-18 11:10:32

Congratulations on your new puppy!

1. Iams is perfectly fine. I would stay away from Bakers or Waggs. The general rule is the more colours in the biscuit, the worse the biscuit. I feed Skinners to mine.
2. Cant help with this one as my dog sleeps in the bedroom.
3. You can carry your dog around outside to get him use to the sights/sounds etc but probably not worth the risk in a farming area.
4. You'll know when he is tired as he will stop paying attention. You've got an intelligent breed so the more training the better. Its a good way to tire out a puppy when they can't have a lot amount of exercise.
5. Puppy play is incredibly rough but is completely normal. Its how they learn 'bite inhibition' - if one is too rough the other will let them know. Intervening can stop him learning.
As soon as he is vaccinated, I would recommend attending 'puppy play groups' where the play sessions are supervised by a trainer who will point out acceptable/unacceptable play.

Good luck!

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