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how much puppy play time

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Cath2907 Tue 13-Feb-18 15:10:34

We have a new puppy (Bichon Frise, 9 weeks old named Buddy), he has been here 8 days and he is lovely. He is mostly reliable to toilet outside as long as I take him out regularly (he is yet to learn to ask to go out). He has his second jabs next week so still no walkies. I am home all day (work from home) so he has yet to be left alone. He sleeps all night bah one 4am loo trip. I have no complaints and am really rather soft on the little ball of fluff!

My question is how much time do I need to spend playing with him during the day? I have a full time job at home (which is very flexible but still needs doing). Currently he gets lots of attention 7am - 9am with games, food, loo stops, cuddles, more games. He then passes out mostly until 12 lunchtime with the odd 5 mins out here and there for loo. I have an hour to eat and spend with him at lunch but sometimes he just snoozes on my knee. Then I go back to work and he potters a bit and snoozes 1pm - 4pm with loo breaks and dinner break. He is in the room with me and I pat him as he passes or chat to him but mostly I am busy and he sleeps. He then gallops around with the family / me from 4 until 7 when he starts to slow down for the evening. He has a kong whilst we have tea, he potters around whilst I cook, he sits with hubby / me and plays with his toys for a bit, we race around the garden or throw balls for him or squeak his mouse and play tug.
From 8pm he is mostly passed out until the next day.

We try and get one outing in per day for him. Today him and hubby took my daughter to a play-date and he got to meet new people (he spent 10 mins in their garden playing with 3 new kids), over the weekend he met family, last week he went to school twice, a garden centre, the vet and the pet shop.

Is this enough? I can't spend his every waking moment playing with him or teaching him tricks as I am working. He seems happy enough (currently trying to drag daughters dolly pram along by it's curtains!) but sleeps a lot.

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LilCamper Tue 13-Feb-18 15:13:02

Adult dogs sleep 17 hours a day. Puppies need more.

ThespianTendencies Tue 13-Feb-18 23:20:59

Your dog sounds like he is getting a perfect balance! I have a 13 week old bichon x toy poodle. She is amazing and has fallen into my routine really well. She wakes when I get up, plays for a couple of hours, has regular wee and poo breaks when I pop her outside - yesterday she started to bark to be let out (so happy with this development). I have another dog so she follows him about or follows me about. I play when I can, train when I can, and she follows me up to the bathroom when I have a bath in the evening and plays there. She is happy and so am I. that's what counts :-) My son plays with her also until she decides to flake out and have a nap. I love how she fits in so well and it sounds llike your pup is the same. Congrats.

beachykeen01 Wed 14-Feb-18 09:54:51

I have no experience as our puppy will be coming home in two more weeks but your little routine sounds blimmen perfect! A happy content puppy that fits into your family / lifestyle - bliss!

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