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Anxious dog since moving 3 years ago

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WicketWoo Fri 09-Feb-18 16:55:04

We moved house 3 years ago and since then our (previously fully house trained dog) has had issues.

We understand that the previous owners had a dog that wasn't spade and that weed inside from time to time.

When we first moved in our dog weed on a carpet which we didn't notice quickly as we didn't really use that room. Once we did we got rid of the carpet as we though he may smell the other dog.

He doesn't wee in that room any more but will wee by the dog flap rather than go though it. So we thought the dog flap may be an issue (at the old house the flap was in a door at this house it's through a wall so much deeper) so we bought a bigger one.

Nothing is working and he wees inside at least 3/4 times per week. The thing is he knows he's done wrong as he will hide when we get home or go upstairs and hide under the bed when we're home.

He seems much more anxious at this house. At the old one there were windows across the back so he could keep an eye on us when he was in the back. He'd also sit in the window if we went out and wait for us to come home. He has neither of those things now.

I've tried everything. Letting him out. Telling him off. Ignoring it. You name it. It's just not getting better and I have no idea how to sort this for him.

Any ideas?

WicketWoo Fri 09-Feb-18 16:55:59

He's not a pup. He's a small breed and 8 years old so a relatively old man in dog terms

RedHelenB Fri 09-Feb-18 17:08:14

I read that they do go incontinent as they get older.

damnsandra Sat 10-Feb-18 09:16:01

I had this with my old Whippet. Started at night. Really strange. Nothing worked. I tried putting a litter tray where she would go. Oh and those adaptil plug ins.

Maybe making an 'official' area indoors?

WicketWoo Sun 11-Feb-18 08:52:28

Thanks for the replies. I think we may be at the official area indoors stage. Oh well. Less hassle i suppose.

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