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Ten Year Old Bored Dog -indestructible chew recommendations?

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toooldforthisshirt37 Wed 31-Jan-18 14:14:20

Hi this is my first time posting in this topic, I am an AIBU regular, though.

I have a ten year old Jack Russell Terrorist who is profoundly bored and I am running out of ideas to enrich his life. He gets his usual walks and I vary the venues and routes for interest. As we work he has a companion JRT Chihuahua female cross and they are devoted to each other. She is younger than he is. They play a lot and have a good hour when we get home in the evening where they tear up the house. We use beef flavoured bubbles, and play ball, tug and chase with them every day.

But he is still destructive and displays stressed behaviour, pica, licking and random barking fits, he seems just generally miserable a lot. The vet says he has no underlying health issues.

The only time he seems content and sleeps through the night without being disruptive is when he has spent time with a dog chew. But he destroys them ALL.

Any recommendations for one he can't kill in one evening - he is costing me a fortune and is going to make himself ill eating the bits! Perferably one that we can secrete treats in.

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Myddognearlyatethedeliveryman Wed 31-Jan-18 14:16:15

Nerf make dog toys!! Our husky has yet to destroy them in over 4 years!!

rightsaidfrederickII Wed 31-Jan-18 14:50:39

Have you joined the Canine Enrichment Facebook group? Lots of ideas there

PestDog (JRT cross) has a mixture of toys I'm happy to have him destroy (rope toys from Poundland, charity shop stuffed toys with unsafe eyes and noses removed) and those I expect to last longer. Successes on that front have included
- Kong extreme
- Kong wobbler
- Mighty Mutts brand (3 year guarantee)
- Coffeewood chews
- B&M snake
- Chuck It ultra / glow in the dark balls

I'd also have to wonder if the walks are long enough - a tired dog is a good dog, as they say.

rightsaidfrederickII Wed 31-Jan-18 14:51:48

P.s. I find the more toys he has the longer they last as he has to distribute his efforts across them all

toooldforthisshirt37 Wed 31-Jan-18 15:45:29

Thanks for the replies and recommendations, I will be trying them all!

Unfortunately, since getting the JRTerrorist I have become disabled and he definitely doesn't get the longer walks any more. I try to do two short ones a day - stopping off at the field at the end of our lane for a ball game to run off excess energy. We have a big garden too and they have access to that with chasing games etc.

I am consumed by guilt that he is unhappy, but he is so loved and I try really hard to enrich his life. My other dog is fine, she seems happy no matter what is going on.

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sirlee66 Wed 31-Jan-18 15:54:28

According to PDSA: As a very energetic breed, Jack Russells require a high level of exercise and stimulation, otherwise they become bored. Jack Russell Terriers require plenty of exercise – ideally 1-2 hours per day.

Sounds like your little guy isn't getting enough walkies and exercise. As you are unable to offer him more yourself, I'd suggest a dog walker to take him out inbetween your short daily walks.

rightsaidfrederickII Wed 31-Jan-18 18:09:54

Tricky situation you're in - but I think needing more walkies is the crux of your issues. Certainly the JRTerrierist cross here is an absolute arse if he doesn't get his exercise.

It's tough at this time of year when it's dark and most parks are shut before I'm home from work, but I find that 45 mins in the park with a ball chucker and a ball does wonders for the physical energy. If you don't have a ball chucker, I'd highly recommend one as it makes it so much easier to throw. Mental simulation comes from things like the Kong, and teaching new tricks like paw or roll over, but he does need both the mental and physical side exercised!

Could you try Borrow My Doggy if a dog walker will prove too pricey? Alternatively, depending on the nature of your disability, would a mobility scooter allow you to go further? They can be picked up nearly new cheaply from the small ads and sold on again if you don't get on with it. Relative of mine has one and it transformed her life.

RedCarsGoFaster Wed 31-Jan-18 18:11:15

Can you pay a walker to come in and exhaust him once or twice a week?

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Wed 31-Jan-18 19:08:07

Viovet (online) do a toy which comes in "fox" and "raccoon" forms - it squeaks and the body inside is composed of a thick cotton rope which I think is coiled so feels particularly interesting to dogs. I think it smells good to dogs too as mine keeps rolling her neck on it happily. It has taken her a matter of weeks/months to severely rip it - it is out for mending by me now and she's onto another one. These have been a HUGE success. She's a Staffie cross and can demolish an edible chew in 30 seconds - a beef rawhide chew in half a day but this toy has kept her going much longer.

Bamaluz Wed 31-Jan-18 19:28:14

Have a look at the canine enrichment group on facebook, lots of ideas to keep dogs amused.

toooldforthisshirt37 Thu 01-Feb-18 08:08:47

I have to agree with all the responses, he definitely isn't getting the walks he needs. I will look into getting a dog walker and will definitely be seeing about some of those toy recommendations as his brain needs the stimulation as much as his body.

Thanks everyone!

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LimeJellyHead Fri 16-Feb-18 18:25:06

Mine both love Squirrel Dude by Busy Buddy. Our 2 year old GSD can wreck any toy or treat toy in minutes but her big Squirrel Dude lasts 2-3 months, which is a record in her books. I stuff it with all sorts of treats and they are kept busy for a good 30 mins or more.

WhoAmIReally99 Fri 16-Feb-18 20:58:27

A kong is the only thing our dog hasnt destroyed.

he destroyed nylabones within a day...big indestructable rubber balls lasted a day too... but a kong has lasted over a year.

They do all sorts of sizes and can fill with all sorts. My dog likes peanut butter, banana, carrot....

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