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Australian Kelpie

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beautifulpheasant Wed 24-Jan-18 21:42:05

Does anyone own an Australian Kelpie? I am really keen on getting one just looking for opinions. Thanks

Wolfiefan Wed 24-Jan-18 21:51:43

Very clever and hyperactive. Not one for most domestic owners.

SansaClegane Wed 24-Jan-18 22:10:45

Unless you are a sheep farmer, I'd not recommend it.

beautifulpheasant Wed 24-Jan-18 22:21:25

I have had Border Collies before just wondering how they compare in temperament, energy levels and intelligence. I am aware the are a high-energy dog! grin

Jaxinthebox Wed 24-Jan-18 22:24:12

My friend has one, he is lovely. He is an old man now but was the naughtiest puppy ever, needs not only physical stimulation but mental too.
I think she has been lucky as he is calm, steady and great with all other dogs. Needs decent exercise though, not just a quick 10 minutes round the block.

I wouldnt have one and I have had GSDs for past 20 years

beautifulpheasant Wed 24-Jan-18 22:39:54

Interesting thanks.

Loopyloopy Thu 25-Jan-18 04:00:50

They're everywhere here. A lot like a border collie - highly trainable - but a little more likely to think for themselves. Lots of variation in the breed.

Mum2OneTeen Thu 25-Jan-18 04:24:46

Our old farmer neighbour has a kelpie named Sally. She is loyal & amazing to watch as she lives for her flock of sheep, which, given half a chance, she will round up into a tighter and tighter ball. Wonderful to watch, but she's definitely a one person dog & doesn't even acknowledge any other person talking to her. Doesn't even respond to her name. Very nervous/high energy/ highly strung I think. She even manages to make our border collie seem chilled (he's definitely not!).

Her siblings are all the same, and are apparently all excellent working dogs. Like all working dogs, I think they are probably highly intelligent & high energy. Not an "easy" dog, they will need space and plenty of owner interaction/stimulation.

I saw a program on telly about a working dog high jump competition (in Australia). All the competitors were Kelpies and could jump over a wall metres high. In other words, they'd be hard to keep contained by regular fences/garden walls. Generally the working dogs around here are kept on along chain during the day. When they manage to escape, they will wander and we've had issues with other neighbouring kelpies chasing wildlife through the adjacent national park.

So great dogs if you have the space, time, and dedication. Perhaps not so great in backyards in suburbia.

Thermowoman Thu 25-Jan-18 04:33:44

I'm in Oz and know lots of kelpies. They need a lot, and I mean a lot, of exercise, stimulation and attention. Oh and space. They are wonderful dogs but they make border collies look like lap dogs. Unless you are a farmer or something similar, I really wouldn't. A friend of mine has one in the house and it has her entire house chewed and destroyed, and that is with a lot of exercise (although it could use more training).

beautifulpheasant Thu 25-Jan-18 09:16:52

They are wonderful dogs but they make border collies look like lap dogs.

I see, that changes things a bit! grin

Yes mum2oneteen they are incredible to watch. I can't stop watching youtube videos of them they really are fascinating dogs. Makes me want to emmigrate to Australia and live on a farm!

Thermowoman Fri 26-Jan-18 02:13:44

Beautifulpheasant I’ll give you an example of how high energy they can be. A friend had a party at his farm one night. We took it in turns throwing a ball for his kelpie. For four hours! grin We gave up before he did! 😀

theliousmonk Fri 26-Jan-18 10:26:26


NewImprovedNinja Sun 28-Jan-18 09:27:29

I've just got an 8 week old Kelpie mixed Newfoundland cross puppy last week. The parent dogs are working dogs at the same farm but ours will be a family pet. We live rurally and near to the beach so hoping that he'll love our beach walks/runs.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sun 28-Jan-18 09:29:22

Ninja, she must be absolutely beautiful.

NewImprovedNinja Fri 02-Feb-18 11:48:57

My little boy

HomeHand Wed 14-Feb-18 17:56:16

We have had 2 kelpies.

One very typical of the breed and one much quieter.

The 'typical' one is amazing. So clever. Not hyperactive, but loves to 'work'. Excellent recall.

We'll always have kelpies I think.

GertrudeCB Wed 14-Feb-18 20:24:29

Ninja 😍

Achafi Wed 14-Feb-18 20:29:22

Ninja, gorgeous! More pictures please! A friend has an Australian Kelpie and sometimes we walk together. Lovely dog but mental and nothing tires that dog. She's had loads of problems with it destroying the house and it is really nervy.

CommanderDaisy Wed 14-Feb-18 20:37:05

Australian here, who had a kelpie for 17 years. He was a red kelpie who passed away last year. And is greatly missed.

They are working dogs with the energy and intelligence that goes with it.

Ours used to work cattle and sheep- in yards and paddocks and still had energy to bounce around like a nutter when he came home for the day.
I saw him leap onto the back on a cow once, when he was running out of space in the yard and run across the backs of all of them to get clear and jump over the fence.

Bored, they dig and destroy.They will become obsessive with fetch games if lacking in activity. They can jump very high fences , leap onto utes with ease, charge around paddocks from dawn till dusk. Males with their bits intact are very dominant over other dogs.

We have since moved, to smaller premises and did not even consider getting another kelpie. For a start our 4ft fencing was far too low and 8 hectares was not , in my husbands view- large enough.

They are the most wonnderful dogs but need space, and I don't mean a regular yard.

HomeHand Wed 14-Feb-18 20:43:50

Ours isn't allowed ballplay now as he is unstoppable. Would just end up injured.

No problems with him escaping or digging though.

TheABC Wed 14-Feb-18 20:48:45

BIL has a kelpie. Fortunately, he is a builder and the dog has spent most of its life outside or on the beach where they live (running). Absolutely obsessed with games and very affectionate. I love the breed, but it's not a good fit for a typical urban family.

MothershipG Wed 14-Feb-18 21:00:04

My agility teacher has 2, I believe they are quite popular with serious agility competitors.

She trains with hers every day, they are amazing to watch, their focus on her is intense. Their obsessive nature means they are happy to do the repetitive training needed to do well at agility.

Definitely a dog that needs a full-time job.

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