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Mcakes Sun 14-Jan-18 21:53:15

I'm looking for a good, crash safe car crate for our dog. She's a medium sized collie and we have a Skoda estate. She usually travels in a bed in the boot and she's a very chilled traveller but we do a lot of long motorway journeys and I'd like her to be safer.
Also, I think it'll be handy to be able to pack bags around the crate rather than trying to make sure nothing can fall on her!
The good ones seem expensive but I'm willing to pay if they are worth it.
I've been looking at these:
Or these:
Does anyone have any experience of these? Or can recommend any other types?

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AppleYumYum Tue 22-Jan-19 22:47:48

Did you ever hear from anyone about whether they were good, or end up getting one? I ha e the same question smile

Polestar50 Wed 23-Jan-19 08:55:30

No one else responded but I ended up getting an ordinary wire mesh crate in the end.

It's not ideal as I would like a proper crash safe one really but it came down to size. We had a baby and needed to get both the dog and buggy in the boot. The crash safe ones are just too big.

Really glad I got a crate though. It offers some protection for her (better than being loose in the boot or on the rear seat as she was before). It means you can pack things around her in the boot and it contains all the mud in one place grin

Imonaplane Wed 23-Jan-19 10:58:18

I didn't see this when originally posted or I would have replied then. I have a TransK9. It's excellent and my dogs love it. Expensive but well worth it in my opinion.

Myranium Wed 23-Jan-19 14:03:49

I've had one of the SafeDog ones for nearly ten years and it's been great. The dogs are really happy in there and I love how secure it is. I wouldn't hesitate to get another if the current one won't fit in the next car.

AppleYumYum Wed 23-Jan-19 14:32:11

Ok thanks everyone! So with the safedog how heavy are they if you needed to take it in and out, I’ve got an S Max and sometimes I need the last row of seats for ferrying the kids friends... so the TransK9 seems to be car specific, is that right or you could move it to another car?

Myranium Wed 23-Jan-19 14:50:23

It's easier getting the crate in and out if you've got two people doing it but it's manageable on your own. I've got mine in and out of my car several times without any help though I'm not entirely convinced it's something I'd want to be doing on a regular basis!

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