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Carpal laxity syndrome

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TropicPlunder Fri 12-Jan-18 16:56:24

Hello, I have an approx 3 month old puppy with carpal laxity syndrome (largish breed and malnourished, which seem to be risk factors). Has anybody had a puppy with this? Interested to know if it resolved and if you treated It? Thanks!

Bubble2bubble Fri 12-Jan-18 18:31:21

I'v had quite a few foster pups with this, some really bad and some on all four paws sad
Happy to say though it does largely resolve with good nutrition and exercise. Plenty of walking up and downhill is recommended, as well as beach walking on sand if possible.

Bubble2bubble Fri 12-Jan-18 18:52:12

This is one of the worse pups I've had with carpal sublaxation but even this after two months was much better. I give joint supplements as well ( Yumove)

TropicPlunder Fri 12-Jan-18 19:43:33

Oh great to hear positive stories, thanks! Here's a photo of my little pup who I picked up today. Still very young and still scrawny...she has no problem eating or running around so I'm hoping we can improve

Bubble2bubble Fri 12-Jan-18 20:33:45

oh poor little girl, that looks terrible sad But yes, it doesn't seem to bother them at all.
I think it's common with pups who have been kept closed in as well and once they get a chance to exercise and put on some muscle they look so much better.

TropicPlunder Sat 13-Jan-18 08:00:58

Yeah she was found on the street with no mum too early. Luckily was picked up by the shelter, but not much space to run around there. If you don't mind a couple of questions.....(vets here are like...She's alive, you just take her and feed her). Did you move to adult food sooner? Or feed anything special apart from the joint supplements you mentioned? Any harm in feeding her up quickly or could sudden weight gain make it worse? Of course don't expect veterinary advice from here, But really appreciate your experience!

Bubble2bubble Sat 13-Jan-18 08:22:17

Tbh the vets here have always been unconcerned as well!

I would tend towards staying on puppy food for longer but not necessarily for fast weight gain, just getting some useful nutrition, little and often

I also give things like raw egg or tinned sardines for extra calcium and calories.

TropicPlunder Wed 17-Jan-18 06:59:01

Just wanted to report that 5 days on I have a much less bendy-legged puppy! Delighted with her. And thanks Bubble for sharing your experience star

Bubble2bubble Wed 17-Jan-18 07:43:20

What an amazing difference! smile
That's lovely to see.

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