Positive stories of one eyed dogs please....

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Panicmode1 Mon 08-Jan-18 18:05:15

I'm devastated. My beautiful golden retriever who is only 3 has just been diagnosed with a mast cell tumour in her lower eyelid. The vet thinks that she will probably therefore lose her eye because the specialist will have to remove so much tissue.

If your dog has lost an eye, can you tell me how long it took them to adapt and were there any complications etc.

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tabulahrasa Mon 08-Jan-18 19:39:21

I had a dog that had to have an eye out for similar reasons, he was about 10 or 11 at the time.

He was absolutely fine as soon as the anaesthetic wore off... we had to keep him on lead until the stitches came out, he didn't appreciate the need for that at all and was running about as normal as soon as they were out.

He wasn't as good at catching things, but not so as it really affected his life, just a bit less good at it.

When he was about 15, he could be a bit upset if someone appeared unexpectedly from that side, nothing major but just not so happy - but that's because his hearing started to go with age.

Panicmode1 Mon 08-Jan-18 19:41:31

Thank you - that's really helpful to hear. I'm being pathetically tearful about it all as she's so young - but the vet said that is in her favour as she will adapt quickly.

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tabulahrasa Mon 08-Jan-18 19:44:38

Mine was old and already grumpy and honestly he was fine... you genuinely wouldn't have known he had an issue other than that you could see there was no eye smile

mustbemad17 Mon 08-Jan-18 19:49:39

Not one, but two! I took a foster on who ended up losing both her eyes. It didn't take long for her to adapt to being blind; once she figured out where furniture was etc.

Dogs do really well with just one eye, they learn to adapt better than we expect.

Honkyzeke Mon 08-Jan-18 19:56:44

We had a springer spaniel along time ago who had to have her left eye removed due to glaucoma she was fine didn't affect her one bit just as crazy and springer like as when she had 2 eyes and could even still catch!
she had another good 3 years with only one eye until she suddenly went blind in her remaining eye, then the kindest thing to do was to PTS she was so confused and distressed at being completely blind.
My friend currently has a Jack Russell with only one eye due to being bitten by another much bigger dog, she's never really had any issues, she took a little time to adjust to not having a right eye in the sense that she would walk into things and bang that side of her head quite often in the beginning and also as she's got older you do need to be careful of how you approach her on her blind side but other than that she's a completely normal dog who lives a very happy full life!

Blackbutler86 Mon 08-Jan-18 19:59:10

Sorry to hear about your gorgeous dog but please don't worry, she will be fine with one eye (and still as gorgeous). I've fostered 3 or 4 dogs that had to have an eye removed and they all did absolutely fine. One had swelling that lasted a while but it healed up just fine in the end.


FleagleBingoDrooperSnork Mon 08-Jan-18 20:05:12

My last springer had a growth that occluded the eye and despite several surgeries, he was a one eyed wonder for a good few years. Then he lost the sight in his other eye but still gamely spanielled on as only Springers can. Dogs adapt so quickly that’s it’s heartening to see them recover and still lead fulfilling lives.

FairfaxAikman Mon 08-Jan-18 20:13:22

Look up Stevie the blind gundog.
He was born without eyes but was trained to work like many of the owners "normal" Dogs.
He's inspirational.

Hidingtonothing Mon 08-Jan-18 20:21:27

Yep my first rescue boy had to have an eye removed. He'd been a stray for some time and lack of proper nutrition had made his eyes dry and fragile, then he got hit by a car and brought into the vets I worked at for treatment. His cornea had split with the impact of the car, they tried twice to repair it but it didn't heal so the eye was removed.

He was about 2 when I got him (in the midst of all his treatment, I couldn't leave him in the surgery kennels when he was going through so much could I smile) and adapted fantastically well. There were occasional bumps when he ran into things on his blind side but that happened less over time, I guess his other senses got more sensitive to compensate and otherwise he coped brilliantly.

He was the happiest, most loving dog you could imagine and lived til the grand age of 14, I still miss him. It's so worrying when they have to deal with something life changing like this OP but honestly, your gorgeous girl will surprise you, they cope far better than we expect. I hope all goes as well as possible for her (and you), do you know when her surgery will be yet? Very happy to hold your hand on the day if it helps flowers

Cocobananas Mon 08-Jan-18 20:32:41

Our last dog, a Lancashire Heeler, was diagnosed with lens luxation at four. Had medication for a few years but first eye removed at eight. Different dog after his surgery, more relaxed...we think he was in pain and wished we had opted for eye to be removed at diagnosis. Second eye took longer to need surgery but was removed at age 12. He still walked the same couple of routes offlead when totally blind, following us, never enjoyed the garden very much after surgery. Absolutely fine in the house, we never moved furniture around and he had puzzle toys. He lived a good life and your girl will too I am sure.

Panicmode1 Mon 08-Jan-18 20:46:21

Thank you all so much, I feel so much less worried about her life afterwards.

I'm seeing the specialist on Thurs am and they will admit her straight away after deciding what to do, so I won't know until the morning of the op what is going to happen. Thank you for hand holding offer, may take you up on it!

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Hidingtonothing Mon 08-Jan-18 21:51:10

Will be thinking of you both on Thursday, hope all goes well, please let us know when you can flowers

Eifla Mon 08-Jan-18 22:07:02

My dog has one eye. Difficult to say how he adapted, as he was blind in both eyes beforehand... so one good eye now is better than two crap ones (had cataracts removed from both eyes then lost one eye through complications). Recovery time was quick, even though he was 12 at the time.

Makes them look super cute smile be prepared to take twice as long on walks as everyone stops for fuss lol.

butterfly990 Mon 08-Jan-18 22:29:12

This was in the 70's. My dog got a grass seed in his eye and it damaged the eye. We lived in a remote country town in the north of Australia. The vet only came to our town on a Wednesday and of course this was a Friday.

My mother took him to the Dept. of Agriculture but the guy only knew about cows and recommended the local hospital.

At the local hospital (pre-internet times) my parents bypassed the queue and saw the doctor. The doctor took the dogs temperature but was unsure of what was normal for a dog. He was concerned about cross infection to the other eye and suggested that we drive to the country town where the vet lived.

We drove the 120 miles and the vet removed the eye.

Our dog lived to a ripe old age and was unperturbed about his loss of vision. He would happily lie in the sun with his blind side up and catch the sun.

Good luck with your dog.

Chocolate50 Mon 08-Jan-18 22:34:27

I groom dogs & love one eyed dogs or dogs with any differences. You can be creative with them!

TheHodgeoftheHedge Mon 08-Jan-18 22:36:22

My beloved 13 year old had her eye removed about a year ago and honestly you would never know xx

Panicmode1 Tue 09-Jan-18 13:03:21

Just been for (potentially) our last walk together with her having two eyes - I sobbed the whole walk (luckily in a big forest so didn't meet anyone else!)....I know it's silly and she'll be able to live a lovely life with one eye if they have to take it, but it's making me so upset thinking about it. Luckily Thursday isn't too far away to wait and I'm working tomorrow so won't have time to dwell.

Thank you all, will keep you updated on her progress on Thursday.

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Bitsandbobsalot Tue 09-Jan-18 13:13:14

Hi, my dog lost a eye earlier this year. He had a ruptured nerve that caused his eye to swell out of the socket it happened very quick and was a life threatening situation so I had to act quickly so didn’t get a chance to think about the situation. Sadly during the emergency op his optic nerve was damaged and he’s lost sight in his remaining eye. At the time I was absolutely devastated I couldn’t imagine how he’d cope. Well hes coped wonderfully!!! There was a adjustment period but to see him now pottering about in his own garden and about the house if you didn’t know he was blind you’d never know.
Dogs are incredible they are so resilient. They cope so much better than humans. One good eye is better that two dodgy ones especially if he’s in pain or it could be life threatening. I think your doing the right thing. Fingers crossed his op goes well and you’ll be amazed at how much it doesn’t bother him in the long run

Hidingtonothing Tue 09-Jan-18 18:23:05

It's a horrible thing to have to think of your poor girl going through, totally understandable that you're upset OP. Knowing she can still have a good life afterwards doesn't stop it being upsetting and worrying for you. You honestly will be amazed how well she copes though, you just have to get through the hard part before you see that for yourself. Sending positive vibes for Thursday and an unmumsnetty hug for you flowers

frostyfingers Tue 09-Jan-18 20:58:34

Our spaniel was 12 when she had an eye removed (ulcer) - it was amazing how quickly she adapted. Within about 3 days she was moving about the house without problems and in about another week it was almost as if she still had two. Most of the time if you didn’t know you wouldn’t guess. On walks our lab used to circle round her and point her in our direction when we called as she was deaf and relied on hand signals, it was wonderful to see. She made it to 16 when she had an ulcer on the remaining eye which wouldn’t respond to treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if a similar situation arose.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Wed 10-Jan-18 15:20:35

She'll be fine, I think. A local man here has a JRT that has lost one eye and now lost the sight in the remaining one. I meet them all the time on long forest walks - his dog runs around off the lead and navigates by sound and smell. He plays with other dogs if he likes them though is understandably a little nervous if they come straight up to him and he hasn't known they were near. He goes to the pub quite often, too.

Hidingtonothing Thu 11-Jan-18 09:12:53

Thinking of you and your girl today OP flowers

Panicmode1 Thu 11-Jan-18 09:25:13

Thank you so much for thinking of her/me. Sitting in reception feeling sick and tearful..... But sure it will all be for the best.

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Hidingtonothing Thu 11-Jan-18 09:43:34

Today is what my DM would call 'a day to be got through', it will be horrible no doubt but you're doing the right thing by your girl, try to hang on to that. A few hours from now it will all be over and you can focus on giving her all the love, care and comfort she deserves. Please let us know how she is when you can, will be 'virtually' holding your hand til then flowers

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