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Oldie Goldie

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averylongtimeago Sat 16-Dec-17 00:23:34

Just posting to talk really. Our oldie Goldie is 14, she will be 15 in March but I don't think she will make it.

She is loosing weight, 3 kilos in two months although she is eating well and very interested in food.
Her legs are getting very weak, she has arthritis in her front paws and her back legs are getting increasingly wobbly.
She still likes to potter about outside, and goes for very short walks. She liked rolling in the snow but hates the ice as she can't stand up on it.
She is very pleased to see everyone and likes a fuss, although she is very very deaf and her vision is poor. I think most of the time she relies on "smellovision" as her nose works perfectly. It's like a heat seeking misile for dropped food.

She is getting a bit incontinent. Sometimes she will do "stealth poos" while she is asleep. She seems to need to wee a lot and can't wait if she needs to go. She can't squat to poo properly so I don't think that helps.

We have been to the vet and have got some painkillers to help with the general aches and pains but I am sure there is something else going on.

I know what is on the cards, and soon. But she is asleep at the side of the bed giving little sleepy dog snores and at the moment there is more good than bad so, not tomorrow.

Boynamedsue Sat 16-Dec-17 00:27:58

flowers She is beautiful OP. You'll know when it's time and she'll always know how much she was loved.

BiteyShark Sat 16-Dec-17 06:59:27

I agree she is so beautiful and doggie snores are so cute. It's good that you are monitoring her and hope her good times keep out weighing the bad for as long as possible flowers

Hoppinggreen Sat 16-Dec-17 11:06:22

Goldies are the best OP, I’m on number 4
Just remember that when the time comes it’s your last act of love for them.
Sending you both xx

Catsrus Sun 17-Dec-17 11:16:31

Don't leave it too late, I've found that harder to deal with than letting them go a bit too soon. If their last days are miserable you will regret that. My Flatcoat boy was pts this year. I knew on the Sunday that I should let him go on the Monday. The Vet thought there was something that would help so we tried for a week, some good days but some bad. It was clear the medication wasn't helping. I really wish I'd gone with my instincts, but the rest of the family were sure he would rally round again. Everyone says "at least you tried" but I wish I hadn't. I wish, for his sake, I'd let him go that day, it would have been kinder.

Don't doubt yourself, if you know it's time. Enjoy your remaining days with him smile

my 6 month old Golden pup is currently asleep in my armchair while the cat, the terrier and I are on a foam mattress on the floor... they wrap themselves around your heart 💔

usainbolt Sun 17-Dec-17 12:31:57

Bless her I just love the Oldies. They just enjoy the moment, usually only do what they want to do and let us know what they do not want to do.

Treasure every happy day with her - we had a 16 year old lab who had similar issues in her retirement (as we liked to call it - she could do what she wanted when she wanted).

She enjoyed a lovely restful summer and eventually the vet came and put her to sleep when she was lying in the sunshine, still wagging her tail, having just eaten a bowl of icecream but unable to walk - I would love to go like that. In her life she knew nothing but love and happiness. Still miss her though but all the memories are happy ones.

averylongtimeago Sun 17-Dec-17 12:57:00

The tablets seem to be working as she is settling better, but she is sleeping a lot.
She has been out for her morning bimble and is now dozing by my feet.

villainousbroodmare Sun 17-Dec-17 13:37:31

I'm a vet. On average, I put an elderly incapacitated animal to sleep every day. I often see the phrase "You'll know when it's time," on here, when this topic is being discussed, and frankly I think that most people do not.
Not saying this is necessarily true in your case, OP, but most people wait far too long. They forget that they are not the ones doing the battling, and wait until all the stars go out before they make what is admittedly a very difficult decision.
I will not wait until my pets are in unrelenting pain and confusion. So many people do.

averylongtimeago Sun 17-Dec-17 16:17:54

This isn't the first time I have been here, so I hear what you are saying and agree wholeheartedly.

We have had Goldies all our married life, almost 40 years, and it doesn't get easier to say goodbye.

The tablets are making her sleepy, but she is settling and not fidgeting about unable to get comfy. At the moment she likes her little bimbles down the lane and is very pleased to see everyone. Food is still very very interesting and she is excellent at begging.
We are going back to the vets this week, so I will see if she has lost any more weight. I think she has, but we will see.
She doesn't like being left on her own anymore.
Not going to be long, is it sad

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