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Do you own a breed of dog that people pre-judge on sight?

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DannyOD Thu 14-Dec-17 08:13:01

I have a Chihuahua who is particularly tiny. She is a rescue and the sweetest natured, loving little thing but people take one look at her and pre-judge both her and me as her owner.

I have actually had people say to me ‘Oh I bet she’s a horrible dog isn’t she?’ Or ‘Bet she’s a bad tempered, snappy thing isn’t she?’ Well, no she isn’t actually. It drives me nuts!!! I also get ‘Bet you dress her up and carry her round in a bag?’ No, she is a dog not a doll!!!

Anyone else fed up with this sort of thing?

MsHomeSlice Thu 14-Dec-17 08:25:29

yes, two GSDs, both extremely large for breed, and people are gathering in their children, spouses and pups as if my boys were going to rip them all limb from limb

Given that one of them would never take his eyes off me (Dog2) and the other (Dog1) had immaculate recall I never could work out what the problem was really.

More or less the only "bad behaviour" we had was if the children were with us on a walk and then Dog1 would watch them and supervise closely stick with them like glue if they were scampering about and judge us for not keeping the children in close ...obviously our parenting skills were not up to snuff grin so recall would only work if the children came back too grin

FuckyNellYaBastad Thu 14-Dec-17 08:26:20

Yes a pug

LEMtheoriginal Thu 14-Dec-17 08:31:50

I'm sorry but I do judge brachycephalic breeds - terrible health problems just to satisfy people's desire for cuteness.

I used to have rotties and people would cross the road rather than walk past me.

LEMtheoriginal Thu 14-Dec-17 08:32:23

I judge the breeders not the breed

CompletelyUnknown Thu 14-Dec-17 08:32:31

It's bad owners not bad dogs!!
They absolutely adore my DD1 as well.
I make a point of clapping every Staffie I see and their owners are delighted.

HarrietKettleWasHere Thu 14-Dec-17 08:38:57

I look after a pug a lot. He gets lots of judgement.

He's a cool little guy but to be honest...I judge his owner for getting him. He had his heart set on a pug puppy and wouldn't listen to reason.

BastardGoDarkly Thu 14-Dec-17 08:41:21

People say... Bet he's a horrible dog? hmm

I've got a Rhodesian ridgeback, and they seem to have a bad reputation, coming from often being used as guard dogs, much like GSDs and Rottys.

Also like the above, mine is an excellent family dog, calmest, most gentle dog we've ever had.

KermitsLoveChild Thu 14-Dec-17 08:45:50

We have a GSD too. People really do tend to give us a wide berth!

Whatslovegottodo Thu 14-Dec-17 08:46:49

Jack Russell
It's the breed people reassure themselves that their dog is better like 'oh my gsd/ Rottie etc is lovely it's the Jack Russell's you have to watch. Little ankle biters etc etc.
Well mine, and everyone we have had in the family, are delightful. And they are all rescue.

LEMtheoriginal Thu 14-Dec-17 08:52:33

Whatslovegottodo....i now have jack Brussels. They are bastards grin

DannyOD Thu 14-Dec-17 08:53:08

What have people got against Pugs?

LEMtheoriginal Thu 14-Dec-17 08:53:08

Jack Brussels??? hmm

MsHomeSlice Thu 14-Dec-17 08:59:18

Was on the beach really early one day with dog1 and ds2...he was
maybe about 8 or 9?, and the peace was being shattered by some guy and his neurotic barking hysterical spaniel and him trying to recall it while it wheeled about ignoring him. grin

Ds2 was belting along the beach hotly pursued by Dog1 ...just like the Police dog display at the Edinburgh Tattoo, (without the biting, Dog1 would just stop running child from running and then look very triumphant)

Dog Walking guy was obviously horrified and had finally caught his dog and picked it up and said "I bet he's hard to control" to me. I said, "Nah, no more than any other primary school aged boy! Enjoy your walk." and trotted off as both boy and dog came charging right back to me in perfect and synchronised recall grin

Wolfiefan Thu 14-Dec-17 09:02:01

At least nobody has ever turned around, spotted your dog and screamed.
Scared the shit out of wolfiepup!

LEMtheoriginal Thu 14-Dec-17 09:02:52

Danny I have nothing against pugs - I'll concede they are cute and generally of good temperament. They are however plagued by health issues because they are pugs. You have to be very careful trying to examine or do anything to a pug - if they get stressed they struggle to breathe and turn blue. They "snore" and struggle with breathing generally. Many are overweight and as such exacerbate health problems. Prone to eye ulcers because the skull is so malformed that the eyes often don't sit in the orbit properly and protrude. Skin fold eczema. Spinal problems due to ridiculous twisted tail. I could go I'm sure there are lots of healthy pugs out there but as a vet nurse I see so many unhealthy pugs (and bulldogs) who are suffering because they are pugs. It's heart breaking. All of the things that make this breed imo are genetic defects.

Yes there are many breed specific conditions. However the issues suffered by brachycephalic (short nose) dogs are actively selected for. It's cruel

Pippin8 Thu 14-Dec-17 09:07:29

Yep a Doberman. People cross the street to avoid her. But everyone wants to pet my cute springer spaniel.

DannyOD Thu 14-Dec-17 09:27:18

LEM - that’s so sad to hear. All those problems in the name of ‘cuteness’. It’s the same for Chi’s, being bred smaller and smaller is giving them so many problems. sad

Soubriquet Thu 14-Dec-17 09:36:20

I've got a chihuahua...though we now think she's a cross breed and not full chi. When she was little, people did used to judge thinking I carried her everywhere. No chance. She hates being carried and will walk for miles.
Now she's fully grown (about the size of a small jack Russell, she's 5kg) I don't get many judgy remarks at all.

Just things like, oh she looks like a little deer

MsGee Thu 14-Dec-17 09:51:34

Yes, people see my small breed ball of fluff and people make a judgement that she super cuddly and child friendly. She isn't really, she is lovely with us but gets scared if lots of kids pile round her.

Or they don't believe me when I say she can be a bit horrid to other dogs if they give her a fright because they think she look so sweet.

whiskyowl Thu 14-Dec-17 09:53:10

Staffies must be one of the most maligned breeds, surely? I don't have one, but someone I know did a "staffie owners" series of photos, to show that they came in all shapes, sizes and colours (and that the dogs were really cuddly).

Tinselistacky Thu 14-Dec-17 09:55:54

We have a rottweiler and people pick their dogs up when we pass by!!
Don't know why, we always make sure she has eaten before we go out!!

LEMtheoriginal Thu 14-Dec-17 10:03:57

I do love Chihuahuas - my dd is desperate for one. Sadly overbreeding has caused many issues for this breed. They are actually brachycephalic (I was surprised) but there issues. Generally their tongues don't fit in their mouth and they often permanently hang out of their mouths - this is a problem because they dry out. Eye issues are very common also. Sadly many owners don't allow them to be dogs and as a result their behaviour suffers and they become nervous aggressive.

The kennel club has a lot to answer for..

WTBE Thu 14-Dec-17 10:10:02

My previous old boy was a soppy staff, that was obviously going to maul you to death.
And currently have multiple rotties, I am guaranteed my own road, even a park all to myself when out walking!

I find it amusing sometimes and will often shout "come here killer" (not real name) and watch people's faces.

RoseDog Thu 14-Dec-17 10:16:55

I've got a big one eyed staffie. Folks cross the road when they see her coming. She's looking incredibly tough today with her socks and shoes on for going out in the snow!

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