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Rescue people - which are the good collie rescues please?

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Bubble2bubble Wed 13-Dec-17 11:14:14

I need to find somewhere breed specific for a dog to go....

rightsaidfrederickII Wed 13-Dec-17 11:47:32

Where did the dog originally come from? If it was a good breeder / rescue that should be your first port of call

Bubble2bubble Wed 13-Dec-17 14:19:43

The dog has been handed over to me by a sheep farmer, as a 'failed' working dog.
I was pretty sure there were some posters on here who worked with collie rescue, but they may not be around...

Evilstepmum01 Wed 13-Dec-17 14:25:22

My friend volunteers for Wiccaweys border collie rescue. They take lot of farm dogs?

Dontbuymesocks Wed 13-Dec-17 14:25:31

The Freedom of Spirit Border Collie Trust is very well respected:
I was interested in adopting one of their dogs but they put the dog’s needs first and told me that I wasn’t the ideal owner for that particular dog, even though I was an experienced collie owner. I really appreciated the honesty and their commitment to doing the best for all their dogs.
Don’t go to Wiccaweys.

Dontbuymesocks Wed 13-Dec-17 14:27:23

Sorry, I hadn’t seen the previous post about Wiccaweys. If you search online there are some awful details about their treatment of dogs in the past, and much of this information has come from previous volunteers who were appalled by their treatment of some dogs.
I used to donate to them regularly, but never again.

Bubble2bubble Wed 13-Dec-17 17:41:35

Thanks all, will check those out. I know the waiting lists will be endless but if I can't find a suitable home locally then it would be good to have backup.

usainbolt Wed 13-Dec-17 19:18:43

Where are you based? I can give you a list in your area.

It would be better to go through rescue rather than a private rehoming as then the dog will have the rescue support for life. The dog may not have to go into the rescue but would class you as a fosterer.

Wiccaways bad press was completely unfounded and Wiccaways has been given the all clear for rehoming - they had a lot of bad online press from people who did not know all the facts. However there are many other collie rescues that you can use.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 13-Dec-17 19:26:32

I was going to say wiccaways. Two friends with dogs from there.

Bubble2bubble Wed 13-Dec-17 19:35:49

Usain I would much prefer to go through a rescue but all the rescues here ( Northern Ireland) are genuinely full of unwanted collies, it's the most commonly abandoned breed. sad

She could travel to an English or Scottish rescue if a place was available.

ChristinaParsons Wed 13-Dec-17 19:43:44

But is it worth the effort? WSD my favourite and have always owned at least one. Not pets though. I do working trials with mine. Collies live to work. They also are responsible for most dog bites every year. Not an easy breed to home

muttmad Wed 13-Dec-17 19:48:58

usainbolt Wed 13-Dec-17 19:50:37

Bubble2bubble try Ainmhithe .

They are based in West Ireland but do take rescues from all over Ireland. Many are shipped to the UK and many of the collies go to agility homes in the UK.

I can give you a personal link to someone there if you need it but they are usually pretty good at picking up messages.

[looking at Ainmhithe rescue lounging on the sofa right now]

usainbolt Wed 13-Dec-17 19:51:54

Christinaparsons what do you mean by is it worth the effort?

muttmad Wed 13-Dec-17 20:02:15

Christina please ** can we see the evidence for your Claim that they cause the most bites? I headed straight to google and found no evidence at all to back up this claim!
Yes they are bright intelligent dogs and do need mental stimulation and exercise, but with a knowledgable owner they can live brilliantly as pets.

nooka Wed 13-Dec-17 20:05:25

We had a collie growing up that was one of a surprise litter from a dog that my great aunt took in. His mun was a failed working dog and came from a champion winning line. While our dog would almost certainly not have made a good working dog (he was very neurotic and completely obsessive about retrieving although generally a great companion dog) I think his mum might well have been fine if she had not been yelled at so much. She worked my aunt's many chickens beautifully.

I hope you find a good home or rescue organisation for your collie OP, I know lots of lovely companion collies. Mostly incredibly devoted even if they do have their quirks.

Bubble2bubble Wed 13-Dec-17 20:09:01

Thanks Usain, I had forgotten about Ainmhithe, pretty sure I have a friend who knows them smile

Not sure what you mean Christina by "is it worth the effort ?" . Are you suggesting I return the dog to the farmer to be shot? She's 10 months old, confident, friendly and human focussed- and in the right place she will make an amazing pet.

ChristinaParsons Wed 13-Dec-17 20:20:52

They never make “pets

Greyhorses Wed 13-Dec-17 20:27:40

Morgan's rescue in Cumbria specialise in these sorts I think

usainbolt Wed 13-Dec-17 20:27:56

Umm looking at the 6 collies lying in my sitting room now Christina I think I disagree with you grin

They are dogs that need mental stimulation but I love doing things with my dogs so that is no worry. In the right home they are the best dogs ever.

usainbolt Wed 13-Dec-17 20:30:35

Bubble If Ainmhithe can't help yell as I am involved with lots of collie rescues so should be able to find someone to help

muttmad Wed 13-Dec-17 20:33:38

Christina I beg to differ, having had 7 BC's in the last 20 years I'm pretty sure they can do! There are several sports that collies excel at and at these events there will be literally thousands of them, however they are beloved pets first and foremost! My current BC's love to run, they love to work but by far their most favourite pastime is cuddles on the sofa!

peppykoala Wed 13-Dec-17 20:39:00

Also came on to suggest Wiccaweys - my mum's collie came from them & was also originally supposed to be a working dog but not quite the the right temperament. Lovely people, rehoming process was really sound and he's now a definite success at being a non-working pet!

ChristinaParsons Wed 13-Dec-17 21:17:30

Yep. BCs not WSD nothing more to add

muttmad Wed 13-Dec-17 21:28:21

Christina WSD's are BC's without the paper work so lots will argue, I've had rescue WSD's and pedigree BC's from strong working lines. All lives harmoniously with our family.
Having been heavily involved with the breed for 20+ years as have a lot of my friends, all with multi collie households, I can categorically say they are our pets.

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