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Dog weeing at night... Help!

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MummyBearToOne1988 Mon 11-Dec-17 02:18:07

I did do a post previously but can't find it so here's a new one...
So my 7 year old Jack Russell X, beautiful furbaby girl decided a while back to start peeing in the house... BUT only at bedtime.

I'm 9 months pregnant and regularly up and down throughout the night which is where I manage to step in a nice soggy patch somewhere throughout the house.

We have managed to pin point what is making her do it. It is like a separation anxiety kind of thing over something so minor. She is told occasionally to "get in your bed" or may have been accidentally shoved off the bed from one of our restless sleeps. (She's spoilt and I allow her to sleep on the bed if she wishes, my own fault I know) Her bed is in our room.

She's been to the vets- nothing to detect.
When she was a puppy she had a crate and didn't give a stuff about doing her business in there. So reluctant to go down that route, but would try it.
She is let out very regularly up until approximately 11pm/midnight, then OH let's her out 6.30am.
We clean up the pee with a special dog cleaner.
If we hear her throughout the night we get up and let her out.

Please please PLEASE find us a solution.

MarcoPoloCX Mon 11-Dec-17 02:34:37

What food is she getting?
Is it dry food?
Is she drinking a lot and late at night? If so, you could take the water bowl up two hours before bed time.
Would you consider giving wet food and add more variety?

A friend used a child gate and their dog is just outside the bedroom.
Their dog can see them but now they have their own bed back. Might be worth giving this a try. Give her your old clothes to snuggle up to.

And increase exercise and obedience training in your spare time to build the trust, bond and confidence.

MarcoPoloCX Mon 11-Dec-17 09:30:46

Do you over cuddle the dog?
We all like to cuddle our dogs but I do think that sometimes we can over do it.

missbattenburg Mon 11-Dec-17 10:10:59

Does she know she has peed?

Spayed females can get incontinent as they age - though ime they don't know they have peed when this happens.

Your pregnancy could be upsetting her and this could trigger all sorts of odd behaviour. This may or may not get better after the baby arrives.

When you say you have pinpointed when it happens - what exactly triggers it? Is it the being told to get down, or when she is pushed off the bed? Does she then immediately pee?

MummyBearToOne1988 Mon 11-Dec-17 21:47:05

Hi sorry for the late reply. She does have cuddles but throughout the evening or day. Never at bedtime. She sleeps at our feet. Then with an accidental shove off or been told to get down she skulks off to her bed then as I'm drifting back off I hear her sniffing around for a pee spot which at this point I let her out and we avoid a wee, however, if I dont hear her I will surely step in it. It's like out of spite/separation anxiety. She follows me everywhere, bath, toilet, room to room...
She has wet food early evening and isn't really a big drinker to be honest. Yes I did wonder if it was pregnancy related fingers crossed that will be the problem solved. Thankyou for your help.

BiteyShark Tue 12-Dec-17 06:25:32

Could it be that when she is told to get down she just wakes sufficiently to be awake enough to need a pee? How would she let you know she needed one normally? Could you just be missing the signal that she is awake and thus needs to go as you are asleep and has now done it enough times in the bedroom she thinks it's ok to go there?

MummyBearToOne1988 Tue 12-Dec-17 09:41:59

It quite possibly could be that. Ahh if only dogs could talk to us to explain.

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