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Labradors eating habits

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HelloHouse Thu 07-Dec-17 12:59:51

Hi - first time poster here.
I've been lurking for quite some time and me and dh have started to get a little worried about our lab so I thought I would ask you lovely Mumsnet people smile

So we have a 20 month old chocolate lab. Who has recently decided he doesn't like eating his breakfast. He is a typical Labrador and will usually eat anything everything

He still eats his tea which is the same food, we have tried to make breakfast more exciting by adding a bit of gravy/chicken/fish which works sometimes.

Today he ate some of it when we got back from our walk at 11.

Now I'm not sure if there is something wrong with him - he has recently been spending time with a dog walker at her house when we have to go out. She has a dog that he adores is he missing her?

Or is he just a picky eater. My mum always said you should never change food as it upsets the tummy but recent googling has led me to believe this might be ok? Sorry if this is waffly but I do worry about my gorgeous boy. Thanks in advance

KinkyAfro Thu 07-Dec-17 14:19:15

My choco lab went off her food at around the same age, switched to Millie's Wolfheart and never had a problem since...she's now 5

HelloHouse Thu 07-Dec-17 14:34:13

Aww what a beautiful girl!

Glad to hear it was a simple problem and she's fine now.

I'll maybe try new food for now and see how it goes before getting panicky smile

usainbolt Thu 07-Dec-17 17:47:54

Is she losing weight?
Does she appear ill?
Is she lethargic?
Is she coming into season?
How much food are you giving her?

HelloHouse Thu 07-Dec-17 19:05:41

It's a he, so no seasons although he has been 'done'

We follow the recommendations on the food with how much to give him and reduce slightly if he has had extra treats that day. Doesn't seem to be losing weight - but possible a bit lethargic he does sleep most of the day but I put that down to him being tired after his walks and growing out of his crazy teenage stage. Does that seem right?

KinkyAfro Thu 07-Dec-17 20:04:13

I find the amounts quoted are too much. Our dog is on about 75% of low fat Millie's compared to the recommended amount

mando12345 Thu 07-Dec-17 20:14:03

Yes agree with Kinkyafro, they always put too large amounts on the feeding guide. I always go by the look of my labrador. Is your dog looking thin at all? If he is then I would try a different food to tempt him, if not then I would give him less and not worry, obviously keeping an eye on his weight.

CornflakeHomunculus Thu 07-Dec-17 20:28:06

What mando said.

As long as he's not dropping too much weight and is otherwise fine then I wouldn't worry.

What's his weight like? Not so much the number but how he looks? Given they can be very prone to various joint issues it's preferable to keep labs nice and lean. He should have a defined waist when you look at him from above and an obvious tuck up when viewed from the side. You should be able to see where his ribcage ends and also easily feel his ribs similarly to how you can feel the bones through the skin on the back of your hand. A bit leaner than that is absolutely fine but you certainly don't want him more covered.

bluetongue Thu 07-Dec-17 21:02:43

Oh dear I must have the only dog that needs more than the feeding guides!

HelloHouse Thu 07-Dec-17 21:29:02

His weight looks perfect - I really dislike seeing overweight dogs so we are careful and do 'top up' or reduce it depending on how he is looking. He's from part working lines and he's a very lean dog.

I suppose I was worrying his eating habit was an underlying anxiety/separation/depression problem than being a fussy eater? Why would he always eat his dinner but not breakfast? He will still counter surf and try his luck with the bin if he can get away with it!

Thank you so much for all your replies

Passthecake30 Thu 07-Dec-17 21:33:55

Maybe he's hanging out for something more tasty? My mum used to put cooked pasta/cooked cabbage/meat scraps in with her dogs dinner. Dry mix isn't as tempting as human food - plus is he getting snacks at the dog sitters?

HelloHouse Thu 07-Dec-17 21:37:54

He might do! I certainly do give him treats sausage or gravy bones as we are working hard on his recall on walks etc throughout the day.
Should I try giving him chicken fish etc more often in his food? Or is he just manipulating me for nice treats?!
I do feel like I'm over worrying and there is nothing wrong with my boy x

ruthsmumkath Sat 09-Dec-17 12:27:23

My lab cross was funny about breakfast - since I started feeding after his walks it is all vaporised immediately and his recall is fantastic (coz he's hungry)

HelloHouse Sat 09-Dec-17 14:40:03

Good call Ruths! Will give that a go too thank you

KinkyAfro Sun 10-Dec-17 22:47:27

I sometimes mix raw egg into her food or substitute her meat with scrambled egg. She likes tinned sardines occasionally as a treat too

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