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Guess the breed

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Soubriquet Wed 06-Dec-17 11:34:03

Well I think it's obvious now that madam is not what we thought.

She obviously has chihuahua in her, but not pure chi.

I think she's got some terrorist in her somewhere. My MIL thinks papillon because of those big ears.

What do you think?

Flippetydip Wed 06-Dec-17 11:39:39

Corgi? Or is that just too random? Just looking at the back and tail (and indeed ears).

Beautiful whatever smile

But loving the idea of terrorist x chi!

JollyGiraffe Wed 06-Dec-17 11:40:24

Chihuahua and something stocky- maybe a staffy?

Soubriquet Wed 06-Dec-17 11:40:51

Maybe a weight will help give an estimated size too. She's 5kg.

GeeLondon Wed 06-Dec-17 12:02:02

Staffy? I hope that was a joke.

Deff agree with Papillion.

The below image is a pom / papillion and also looks similar but not as fluffy obvs.

Soubriquet Wed 06-Dec-17 12:05:39

Goodness that does look very similar doesn't it? Just a shorter coat. Wow

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