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Post op cruciate ligament boredom busters

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pinkbraces Mon 04-Dec-17 11:38:56

We are one week post op and my girl is getting bored. Please can I have any ideas for how to keep he occupied. She cant walk and we have been told to reduce her food by 20% so she doesnt put on weight - she is very food orientated but I need non food, non chasing boredom busters.

missbattenburg Mon 04-Dec-17 11:45:31

Have a look at

pinkbraces Mon 04-Dec-17 12:38:26

miss that book looks perfect, thanks

villainousbroodmare Mon 04-Dec-17 12:40:53

2 litre ice cream tub. Pour in a litre of water and freeze it. Scatter some steak strips or similar on top of the ice. Fill up with water and refreeze. Obviously an outdoor activity. Or maybe it's too cold for that.

pinkbraces Mon 04-Dec-17 13:05:13

thanks villain we couldnt do that for a few weeks - she would want to stand and move around whilst digging for the steak and she has to be relatively still.
Will keep this in mind for Feb.

CornflakeHomunculus Mon 04-Dec-17 13:54:17

Have a look at the FB groups ‘Canine Enrichment’ and ‘Beyond the Bowl’. There’s loads of ideas on there, including lots suitable for keeping dogs occupied post surgery.

ADishBestEatenCold Thu 07-Dec-17 01:07:04

We played dog 'mind games' (google it, it's a thing) that could be adapted to lying position.

* For example, putting tiny piece of food (one little nugget of that day's dry food allowance) under a cup, three cups on a tray, & dog had to point/knock over cup with nose.
* Also Clicker training, from lying/seated position, for example 'touch', 'high five'.
* Physical games like tug o war, but from a lying-on-back position, catching a raggedy that we waved within easy reach, & we'd allow her to tug and wrestle from her head end.
* We would jam a little of the daily food allowance so hard into various shapes of kong-like toys, that it was amazing she got them cleaned out.
* We groomed (in lying position) a lot.
* We read to her (so DH read the paper to the dog smile), we spoke to her, and even put interesting films (with animal/dog sounds) on tv, near her crate.

She was quite a complex case, with reduced mobility for a few months, and the biggest help of all was we got a dog trailer (like a toddler trailer) for our bikes, so she still went out, but lying/sitting in a mesh covered trailer. She liked that a lot.

Good luck!

pinkbraces Thu 07-Dec-17 21:14:00

thanks Adish some great ideas. My biggest problem is she likes to stand when eating a kong, playing scent games and such like, but we are getting there.
I wish she liked the tv grin

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