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Any news on the Manchester incident?

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MarcoPoloCX Mon 04-Dec-17 10:46:53

Any news on the recent incident that happened in Manchester regarding the two dogs and a beagle.
I know he's been questioned and he has surrendered his two dogs.

ThespianTendencies Tue 05-Dec-17 07:28:45

Not heard anything more. What a dreadful thing to have happened though - that poor dog walker was utterly traumatised.

fessmess Tue 05-Dec-17 15:31:11

That's horrific! Feel sick imagining that's my dog.

retirednow Tue 05-Dec-17 16:14:06

I've just read it, how sad. When are people ever going to learn that dogs can be dangerous, they need to be kept on leads and strictly under control, how many more times is this going to happen.

MarcoPoloCX Wed 06-Dec-17 05:08:31

It just sounds iffy to me.
He alleged that they were on the lead and that the beagle tried to take their ball. The two dogs then got off their leads. The picture and video showed neither dog had a collar on and for both to get out of their leads?!?!?!?

He described his dog as friendly, good with family and other dogs.
You don't go from a happy family dog to a killer without noticing changes in it over time.

I also read that he often walked them off lead by the canals and he has been reported at least three times previously regarding his dogs.

Personally I'd not walk away trying to get the dogs to follow me while they're mauling another dog.

Havingahorridtime Wed 06-Dec-17 06:00:03

What happened, I haven't heard anything

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