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Concerned about this dog

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esk1mo Fri 01-Dec-17 13:08:29

I live in an apartment, my whole street is flats/apartments. I think out of 3 streets there are only 2 dogs, probably due to living in a flat/shared gardens etc. Its a quiet, leafy area. Quite a few cats around.

I live on the top floor and new neighbours have moved in 2/3 months ago with a young dog, less than a year old. Looks like a cross, maybe staffy cross.

The poor thing barks all day, and into the night. I dont know if the owners work, or if they are in during the day. They also never walk the dog sad. I work nights and my DP is home at night so we started keeping an eye out and havent seen the dog out in weeks.

The last time I seen the dog outside was around 3 weeks ago, the male owner took it to the end of the street and literally stood for 5 mins then went back home sad

I’m not sure what, if anything, I can/should do? Other neighbours have commented they can hear the dog barking. I grew up with Border Terriers , and although they arent staffies, they were walked 3-4 times a day, went on big walks at the weekend, to the beach etc and only barked/howled for 20 seconds once a day (like clockwork!)

I feel so sorry for the poor pup. It should be out exploring and enjoying its life. We live opposite a lovely long canal , and 10 minutes away from a huge park.

Any advice would be appreciated on how to approach the situation to help the dog.

Killerfiller Fri 01-Dec-17 13:15:17

RSPCA won't do anything if it has shelter and water. You could made a noise complaint to the council?

Have you met the neighbour? Are they approachable.

tinymeteor Fri 01-Dec-17 17:17:06

If everything you've said is true they are rubbish pet owners (and neighbours) but there's not much you can do, beyond noise complaints to the council. Console yourself with the thought that if the dog is that under-exercised it will probably become a huge handful, and will end up being rehomed when they get bored of it. Fingers crossed its next owners are nicer.

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