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Protesters in the Netherlands campaign against bravecto

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Soubriquet Wed 29-Nov-17 07:02:42

Thought this was interesting to see


Chippyway Wed 29-Nov-17 09:58:20

Good on them

I wouldn’t dream of putting that stuff on my dog. Nor do I use any other chemical flea/tick treatment. My dog has never had fleas nor did my last 2, all I do is add a raw garlic to their food every 2nd or 3rd day which is great at preventing ticks/fleas (as well as many other health benefits - no they won’t get poisoned by it) so I must be doing something right!

Soubriquet Wed 29-Nov-17 11:05:35

I do use advocate but I really have no tolerance for fleas

tabulahrasa Wed 29-Nov-17 11:34:55

"I must be doing something right"

Probably living in an area without a high flea population tbh...

I don't flea treat either, and no-one's ever had fleas, but I know full well I'd not get away with that in other parts of the country.

Flippetydip Wed 29-Nov-17 11:45:37

We don't treat for fleas but only because she's a greyhound with no fur on her tummy and we would see them immediately she had one, we also have no other animals living with us so it's unlikely she'd pick them up.

I will be less blasé in summer though.

DownTheChimney Wed 29-Nov-17 11:47:48

Does the garlic thing actually work? I've found that a lot of the flea treatments now are not working as good as they once did.

Wolfiefan Wed 29-Nov-17 11:47:54

We have been using Nexgard Spectra but seems it isn't available now. Worries that this is the only alternative my vet will offer. (Spot on isn't great on such a big dog.)

noitsnotteatimeyet Wed 29-Nov-17 12:01:33

Wolfie - you can get standard Nexgard and supplement it with Milbemax to cover against lungworms.

Wolfiefan Wed 29-Nov-17 12:21:10

I am horribly confused. I am not sure Spectra does lungworm either (but then what makes it different to Nexgard)?
Is Milbemax a spot on or tablet?

BiteyShark Wed 29-Nov-17 12:47:10

Wolfie why isn't it available anymore?

BiteyShark Wed 29-Nov-17 12:51:57

I thought nexgard sprectra had the same active ingredient for lungworm but wasn't licensed but google suggests that they may have a license now?

I use it with worm and ticks as I hate the spot on treatment so would be fed up if you can't get it anymore.

Wolfiefan Wed 29-Nov-17 13:10:31

My vets are deciding not to stock it anymore as they (and everyone else) have had major issues with supply @BiteyShark
Fed up. Really don't want to go back to spot on. She ends up stinking and soaked from ears to shoulders for about three days. (50kg so it's a lot of product!)

BiteyShark Wed 29-Nov-17 13:14:53

Ah right maybe I should ask for more well in advance before mine runs out. I am sure I saw packs of them in the vets when I was last there.

BiteyDog hated the smell of advocate so I won't go back to that either. It used to stop him sleeping it was so strong.

Wolfiefan Wed 29-Nov-17 13:15:49

I think mine has some right now. I might stock up. Really don't want to go back to spot on.
They pretty much laughed at me when I said I was concerned about Bravecto.

BiteyShark Wed 29-Nov-17 13:17:01

It looks like it was fairly recent they announced the licence so maybe that has caused an increase in demand?

Wolfiefan Wed 29-Nov-17 13:18:40

Might be. Vet sort of implied a production issue. They said it was an ongoing problem that the manufacturers hadn't been able to resolve.

noitsnotteatimeyet Wed 29-Nov-17 22:43:44

Yes nexgard spectra definitely did lungworm too (we’re in a v high risk area).

Wolfiefan Wed 29-Nov-17 22:44:36

It's not on the instruction leaflet that comes with it. The vet checked.

villainousbroodmare Thu 30-Nov-17 00:49:01

Garlic will do nothing except make your dog more and more progressively anaemic, Chippy.

Ruffian Thu 30-Nov-17 01:07:06

Never heard of Bravecto - what is the issue with it?

Ddog has Advocate for a few years now since Frontline prescription stopped working. We have a cat that passes on fleas to him and he gets really rashy and uncomfortable if it's left untreated.

HuskyMcClusky Thu 30-Nov-17 01:09:03

I thought garlic was one of the no-go foods for dogs? confused

Greyhorses Thu 30-Nov-17 07:34:27

I don't flea routinely treat either and mine have never had fleas but I put that down to luck and not living in a high flea area not some herbal rubbish.

We've used advocate at work for 10 years and never ever seen an issue. I think people like to make a big deal out of nothing to be honest.

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