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What dog is this?

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fizzthecat1 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:06:57

Anyone know? Am looking after it for my DP's Auntie but not sure the breed!


MaidenMotherCrone Mon 27-Nov-17 19:14:15

Terrier cross of some sort possibly.

TwitterQueen1 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:16:13

He's a beautiful, insecure, a bit scared, lovely bundle of fur who just wants a bit of loving and reassurance. You don't need to know anything other than that.

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 27-Nov-17 19:19:59

Definitely a terrier cross - cairn, Norfolk or westie x JRT based on the colouring?

He looks a little scared there.

yawning801 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:21:01

Looks vaguely like an Airedale Terrier to me?

fizzthecat1 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:23:59

Lol I didn't take the photo it was sent to me!!!

fizzthecat1 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:26:35

He's a beautiful, insecure, a bit scared, lovely bundle of fur who just wants a bit of loving and reassurance. You don't need to know anything other than that

I just wanted to Google information on her breed hmm It's a simple question jesus christ there are some weirdo's on this site.

bumpysleighride Mon 27-Nov-17 19:27:38

Lol yawning couldn't be further away from an Airedale! Yup just a terrier mix, why do you want to know OP? I have terrier experience if that's what you're asking.

JollyGiraffe Mon 27-Nov-17 19:28:15

Some sort of mongrel! She looks lovely grin

yawning801 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:32:36

Oh dear! Ignore me!

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 27-Nov-17 19:33:42

I have terrier experience but mines a Patterdale, nothing like this one!

The colour blaze is making me think jack Russell, but the soft rough coat and the shape of the dog is more west Highland terrier. The light grey colouring points to cairn terrier - but if it's more orange/copper in the light it could be Norfolk terrier.

What d'you think bumpy? I love a good spot the breed thread. Trouble is, there are dozens of terrier breeds!

Try googling those OP...

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 27-Nov-17 19:34:03

Airedale? Have you ever seen an Airedale pp?

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 27-Nov-17 19:36:18

I'd say JRTx WHW

Ohlellykelly Mon 27-Nov-17 19:37:36

Bedlington terrier cross maybe

Chinnychinnychinnychib Mon 27-Nov-17 19:39:59

Cairn terrier cross? She is gorgeous!!!!

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 27-Nov-17 19:41:24

Ooh Bedlington yes - good call, very fine coat!

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 27-Nov-17 19:42:45

Oh then again - they are quite tall and curly! Could be a bit in there though.

No idea why I'm so invested.

fizzthecat1 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:44:02

Yeah she is a big terrier, so probably a mix with a larger dog, she's a rescue to DP's Auntie doesn't know either.

Ohlellykelly Mon 27-Nov-17 20:04:46

It's her face that reminds me of a bedlington and she is quite large. But not curly so hmmm

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 27-Nov-17 20:17:31

Aww she's a little Heinz. smile

fizzthecat1 Mon 27-Nov-17 20:23:32

I have another pic if it's useful

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 27-Nov-17 20:42:41

Ah! My money is on Jack Russel x West Highland White terrier.

If she is quite tall and solid it could be Parson Russell terrier - although I don't know how a PRT could do the deed with a westie smile

Ohlellykelly Mon 27-Nov-17 20:45:34

I'm going with bedlington cross whippet. Based on a photo I found on Google blush

BillyDaveysDaughter Mon 27-Nov-17 20:47:20

Wow Kelly controversial! Is it as big as that? <squints at picture>

JollyGiraffe Mon 27-Nov-17 20:51:34

Wheaten terrier cross whippet?

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