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Early morning waking

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diamonte68 Sat 25-Nov-17 09:31:05

My dogs used to be crated at nights usually they go to their crates around 11pm and I would let them out anywhere between 5:30 - 8:00 am when I get up. In the last few weeks the male dog has been reluctant to go in his crate at night and so we decided to try them out of the crate for night times.

Both settled brilliantly and no problems other than they wake me up at between 4am and 5am every morning wanting to go outside for a wee. Once they’ve been they come back in and settle back down to sleep but I then struggle to get back to sleep. I am confused as to why they seemed perfectly happy with sleeping through until I got up when they were crated - they were usually fast asleep when I came down in the mornings - but can’t seem to go beyond 5am now they are out of their crates. Could it just be the change in routine and the novelty of being able to wake mum (with a lovely sloppy face lick!) and they will eventually settle back in to sleeping a bit later? I thought of closing our bedroom door so they can’t get in to wake me but then I don’t really want them being uncomfortable and needing a wee but not being able to get out to do one.. any tips or suggestions?

missbattenburg Sat 25-Nov-17 10:29:07

They've just got into a habit just because they now can so I'd be tempted to put this on cue - which is a long process but worth it in the end.

Set your alarm for 4am, let it go off and take the dogs out for a week. Do that for a few days and they will have linked the alarm to getting up. Then push the alarm back by 5 mins to 4.05. Do that for a few days then push it back again. Then again, until it is going off at a time you find acceptable. Don't ever give in and get up before the alarm goes off.

Oops4 Sat 25-Nov-17 10:39:31

I'd put them back in their crate. They're pushing their luck! My ddog sleeps in his crate and doesn't make a peep until we get up. When he stays with my parents he all of a sudden NEEDS to get out for a pee at 5am. Nothing to do with the fact that he knows they will let him in their bed after he's been out for his first pee 😂

diamonte68 Sat 25-Nov-17 10:56:27

Maybe I need to go back to crates then. I don’t think I have the energy to do weeks of re conditioning. It’s a pain because I was looking forward to getting more room in my kitchen by removing the crates! Oh well it’s a small price to pay for an undisturbed night.
Was wondering if I put them into their crates after their wee maybe they will realise waking me up early only results in them going into their crate.. hmmm might be worth a try!

BiteyShark Sat 25-Nov-17 12:26:37

I got rid of our crate recently and have similar issues. I am redirecting him back to bed until a certain time of the morning (and then once we have cracked that I will extend the time to get up slowly).

It's a pain and I am tired but I think it will be worth it in the long run to get them to sleep in without the crate.

Cocobananas Sat 25-Nov-17 13:45:02

Rather than go back to crates, wouldn’t it help to regard the kitchen as a big crate. They have comfy beds, water, can move around if necessary but you shut the kitchen door so they have no access to you at night until you get up and let them outside. If I let my dog have free run of the house at night not only would she be licking my face at stupid o clock but probably asking for a game of tuggy as well.

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