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Puppy Survival Thread Part 5!

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GooodMythicalMorning Mon 20-Nov-17 12:10:35

Continuing Bitey's thread once more smile

The thread to be, where puppies grow and we meet new doggie parenting challenges every day.

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BiteyShark Mon 20-Nov-17 12:32:04

Checking in grin

Elphame Mon 20-Nov-17 12:34:05

Me too!

Wolfiefan Mon 20-Nov-17 12:34:34

At some point you will tell me my 49.9 kg dog really isn't a puppy and to do one!!
Re liver. I (don't laugh) have a dehydrator. I can snap the dehydrated strips into tiny bits. I also use an excited "what's this!" To draw her attention to me.
Bitey I'm Glos. shame I would happily Bitey dog sit. Then maybe we could both leave the house once in a blue moon. Maybe the buggers would wear each out?! grin

BiteyShark Mon 20-Nov-17 12:44:33

Wolfie, I'm Hampshire way, you never know our mad dogs may cross each others path some day grin

QOD Mon 20-Nov-17 12:46:46

Eeeek hopefully joining you soon. We’ve decided on a chihuahua as parents have rescued one. We’ve hunted high and low and she’s been exceptionally lucky. Hers was living outside on a farm and is a tough little adorable happy cookie
All the adults we’ve investigated in the last 3months have had something to put us off. Barkers yappy not good with cats or not with kids. (We’re all adults but have child visito s)
They can be such divas. So we are taking the plunge and hoping to fall in love this weekend.

Wolfiefan Mon 20-Nov-17 12:49:16

Bitey who knows. We used to live on Hants/Surrey border!

BiteyShark Mon 20-Nov-17 12:52:04

QOD welcome onboard. Are you looking at puppies this weekend or do you already have one picked?

polarbearshuffle Mon 20-Nov-17 12:52:36

Hi everyone 👋🏻 can I join please? We got our black Labrador puppy last Monday! All is going well at the minute but would love the support! smile

BiteyShark Mon 20-Nov-17 12:55:43

OOooo lots of new puppies grin.

Wolfiefan Mon 20-Nov-17 12:56:30

Pictures or they don't exist!!

Wassat Mon 20-Nov-17 13:13:34

Just dropping in to say hi! I have a beautiful 15 week old spaniel who is fab in every way but very jumpy! It’s lovely to read about your pups and glean some good advice smile here she is in my kitchen, on my floor which used to be white before she moved in- can’t keep up with the mud she brings in!

QOD Mon 20-Nov-17 13:22:28

We have found a weeeeee girl who is technically ready in a couple of weeks but she’s very small so they want to keep her a bit longer. Which suits us and implies they are good people. Lives with mum and dad dogs who are family pets. Dh and dd and I will all go together to make sure it’s not a suss situation
We’ve asked for her to stay with them to mid December when dd finishes her uni placement as she needs to be home 24/7 As it’s her baby
They’ve again said happy to hold her for a deposit

GooodMythicalMorning Mon 20-Nov-17 13:54:41

Aw gorgeous smile

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GooodMythicalMorning Mon 20-Nov-17 13:55:46

Dorset here

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stripedcardigan Mon 20-Nov-17 13:58:43

We survived the spay aftermath - she healed up nicely apart from a bit of scarring due to her being too active (I defy anyone to keep a puppy calm and still for a week and a half!).

She was meant to have her stitches out today, but I called the vets last Friday and begged them to squeeze her in because she was driving us potty! No walks until stitches out?! Torture.

She's much calmer already. Whew.

GooodMythicalMorning Mon 20-Nov-17 14:37:38

Ah bless. That's the bit im most not looking forward to when indy gets done!

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stripedcardigan Mon 20-Nov-17 14:45:24

I think if I could redo it I'd wait til she was a bit older and calmer. But I really didn't want to deal with her first season and there's no way to know when that would have been. maybe that is a selfish reasons to do it at six months, but it's true.

GooodMythicalMorning Mon 20-Nov-17 16:40:51

We're waiting til after christmas to get Indy done now, he'll still only be 8ish months though. So much conflicting advice about it on Google though I've given up looking and just going with what the vet says. Much rather he didnt need it done. Poor 'womble'.

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BiteyShark Mon 20-Nov-17 17:19:32

BiteyDog was done a little earlier than planned at around 10.5 months but we had to fit it in around work and holidays and had spoken at great lengths with my vets on pros and cons. Sometimes you just have to do what's best for you and accept there will always be advice to the contrary.

Well we are back from the vets and BiteyDog should now be called ZombieDog with the green coloured discharge from the staining eye fluid. Some sand and hair in his eyes which could have been the irritant but they are all flushed now so hopefully that will be the end of that for a bit.

polarbearshuffle Mon 20-Nov-17 18:05:25

Sorry how rude of me! Here she is grinthough she’s already grown since this was took last week. Also excuse the carpet blush we are holding off to get a new until polarpup is trustworthy!

Thewolfsjustapuppy Mon 20-Nov-17 18:38:36

A rare moment when wolfpup 2 is still and has her mouth shut!
Checking in for part 5 (wow).

BiteyShark Mon 20-Nov-17 18:46:27

They all look so sweet grin

PerfectlyChaotic Mon 20-Nov-17 18:53:04

I've dipped in & out but could do with being amongst fellow puppy parents really! Dpup is just 6mths...very much adored but we do seem to go from one challenge to another. Currently its wonky recall & pushing the boundaries at home!!!

BiteyShark Mon 20-Nov-17 18:55:05

PerfectlyChaotic around 6 months was when BiteyDog hit teenage hell mode. Good luck, you may need wine and cake grin

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