Puppy fell over four feet! Feel terrible!

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Furrymum2 Thu 16-Nov-17 00:38:23

Hi all. I’m new here and I hope this post is allowed. I’m not a mum as we can’t have kids but I’m a dog mum. I’ve come here, as often when I search things on the internet I end up on informative mumsnet threads and you are all so nice!! Other forums, not always so much.
Anyway, I have a new puppy. Only with us five days and I was letting him in the garden and he got into a bit of the garden that is quite high with only a low wall. I was walking to get him when he threw himself over the low wall to land four feet down on concrete.
I feel so so so terrible. I took him to the Vets in a total panic, who gave him a once over and said he should be fine, but to keep an eye on him.
They didn’t do any x rays or anything so I’m worrying. DH will be fencing that bit off tomorrow!
But until he’s gone a few days and been ok I’ll be on tenterhooks for internal injuries and I can’t stop feeling so so guilty!
Has anyone else had a pup fall from a fair height?

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furryous Thu 16-Nov-17 00:41:34

Please don't worry too much. Puppies are little sods for making us worry with the suicidal stupid things they do but often they do bounce back with little repercussions. My mum's dog got hit by a car at speed, rolled and got up like nothing happened smile

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Thu 16-Nov-17 00:41:46

I bet he will be fine! I'm a vet and I've seen all sorts of puppy falls ( most commonly out of a child's arms). It's usually fairly obvious if they have sustained any real injury. If your vet has checked him and given him the ok I would try not to worry!

DramaAlpaca Thu 16-Nov-17 00:42:16

Pups are sometimes too adventurous for their own good. One of mine took a tumble in the garden & scared the life out of me, but she was fine. They are tough little things. Hope yours is OK.

Furrymum2 Thu 16-Nov-17 00:48:35

Platypus - that is reassuring thank you. The vet didn’t do much lol. Didn’t shine a light in his eyes etc. But he looked at all his limbs felt his belly. Got him to walk around the room. When he landed Pup didn’t make a sound. I screamed. Scooped him up and ran inside. When I put him down he ran about like normal. He did have a slightly runny tum a few hours after, but that’s normal now. He’s also got quite yellow pee but DH says he had that the other day too before fall.
I can’t believe he got up there! I keep thinking I’m such a bad dog parent.

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AnnieAnoniMouse Thu 16-Nov-17 00:55:34

Oh poor little mite, he must have got a fright.

I’m sure if the vet has checked him over & said he’s ok he will be.

I would have thought a puppy would have more sense than to launch itself off something like that else surely they’d do all manner of dangerous things? It’s been a long time since I had a puppy, but I don’t remember them doing anything like that despite plenty of opportunity. Mind you, the overwhelming memory of small puppy days is sleep deprivation so I might not be remembering clearly.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Thu 16-Nov-17 00:58:14

You are not a bad dog parent!!! This is dogs! We are taught at uni that "God made dogs tough!" Which sometimes makes our job harder, but is true! I've watched my own dogs do things that made me wince but they've always been alright. You sound like you love your pup, and I'm sure he will be fine smile


BiteyShark Thu 16-Nov-17 07:14:16

Mine was forever trying to leap on and off things and bashing into walls and table legs. It really sounds like he is fine but yes they worry you (and it doesn't get any better when they get older as they just find higher things to jump on and off from grin)

uncoolnn Thu 16-Nov-17 07:20:53

Aww please try not to worry. My dog fell down the stairs when he was a tiny puppy I needed eyes in the back of my head and I took him to the vets and he was perfectly fine. smile

Justabadwife Thu 16-Nov-17 07:28:10

When I was younger we got a rescue dog, he was about 18 months old. He was out playing in the garden one day and somehow managed to get behind all of the trees at the bottom of the garden and jumped off the wall, it's a 15ft drop on the otherside.

I panicked, I ran to the wall and couldn't see him. 30 seconds later he was scratching at the back gate to get into the garden. He was fine but he never did it again. 😁

schoolgaterebel Thu 16-Nov-17 07:30:07

Aww don't worry puppy's are very resilient, if he's eating as normally he will be fine.

Enjoy him, and take lots of photos (I'm sad a don't have enough photos if my dog when he was all puppy deliciousness!)

picklemepopcorn Thu 16-Nov-17 08:01:46

Puppies have no common sense. None. Assume the worst at all times, if there is trouble they will find it.
Mine has chewed up my phone, my iPad case, the tv remote, the leg of a chair... at the ripe old age of 5 he still goes for a nice coat hanger or pencil if he can find one lying around.

Furrymum2 Thu 16-Nov-17 08:26:13

You’ve all made me feel much better. Thank you. He’s running around like a lunatic this morning lol.
I’ve just remembered something my now passed rescue dog did once. He hated water so never swam - we were on a walk - he was trotting ahead when he turned, ran past me and DH - leapt over a low bridge - 20 feet headfirst into a shallow river. DH went straight in and hauled him out - he had a few small cuts, had all silt on his head when he’d hit the bottom, and was shaken but he was ok. God knows what possessed him? They really can be nuts!!

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viktoria Thu 16-Nov-17 08:32:30

Congratulations on your puppy. Hope everything will be fine. Having a puppy is like a whole new world!
This doesn't really have anything to do with your original post, but somebody on Mumsnet recommended the Dog training advice and support Facebook group to me which I've found really useful.

Weebo Thu 16-Nov-17 08:39:26

Aww, poor wee sausage.

I agree puppies are little trouble magnets - You'll have a few grey hairs by the end of it.

<cough> Any puppy pics?

Elphame Thu 16-Nov-17 09:15:19

If the vet has checked him, he's eating and he's running around then he's fine, Honestly!

My own early pup owning panic was him eating a grape he found in the front garden - only had him 2 days!

Thewolfsjustapuppy Thu 16-Nov-17 11:05:21

I think a puppy would cry if it was hurt, mine got her foot caught under the door and cried for what felt like half an hour —was more like 30 seconds— then spent the rest of the day limping away from me piteously every time I came into the room. She is 100% two days later. She has also managed to fall into the garden pond, twice, and not drowned herself, and fallen out of bed several times.
Try not to worry too much and welcome to the Dog House

MmmmmmBop Thu 16-Nov-17 11:18:14

When my pup was only a few months old, I picked her up from where she was peeing on the rug and said 'no' to her in a sharp tone, then started for the back door to put her out to where she should have been peeing. But I tripped over the bottom of a toddler-proof gate in the doorway, and dropped her as I lurched forward sad onto a hard tile floor. She landed with a thump on her side and let out a yelp that I can still hear.

It's the fact that I was reprimanding her when it happened, and it must have seemed to her that I had done it in anger as opposed to by accident, that upset me so much at the time and still upsets me when I think about it.

She was uninjured, it is five years later, and she loves and trusts me totally (judging from the neverending kisses and the fact that my lap is always her safe place from fireworks, thunder and postal workers).

Your pup will be fine, and at least he was the victim of his own adventurous spirit, and not your impatience/clumsiness!

Furrymum2 Thu 16-Nov-17 16:05:47

Weebo - not sure how to add pics ?

Mmmmmmbop - that must have been so upsetting for you. But your baby loves you to bits now, as you say. Bless her.

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Eryri1981 Thu 16-Nov-17 16:19:36

Don't worry OP I'm sure your puppy will be fine (and will live to do far worse in the future).

I had had my puppy about the same amount of time, so he would of been around 9 weeks, he fell off a retaining wall (slightly less than 4 foot) on to slate slabs. He squealed loads and was favouring his leg, I panicked, picked him up, felt sick as I thought I'd broke the puppy and then within minutes he was running around like an idiot again.

He also had multiple comedy wipeouts on the wet slate path in the early days.

He is now one, on Tuesday night I was just drifting off to sleep with him on the bed next to me when he decided to sleep downstairs instead. All I heard was him tumbling from top to bottom down the very steep cottage stairs and then nothing, I quickly got up thinking I'd find he unconscious at the bottom, but instead found him curled up on the sofa where he gave me a dirty look for disturbing him!!

He is soooooo clumsy!!!

Furrymum2 Thu 16-Nov-17 18:49:49

Your pup sounds as bad as mine - Eryri!! What breed is he? I told a dog trainer that I was booking classes with about his exploits, and she asked what breed. I said, Golden Retriever, and she said “oh that explains it!”
He got his head stuck in our railings now - and this time he did scream. I think from panic but he got free. I think I’m gonna need Valium to survive him. X

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CornflakeHomunculus Thu 16-Nov-17 20:20:58

She was a bit older at the time, maybe five or six months-ish, but DDog2 launched herself off a rocky outcrop that's a good 6-7' high because she wanted to day hello to a dog that appeared on the path at the bottom of it shock

She was absolutely fine (up and running about in seconds, carried on with the walk as if nothing had happened) but DH and I were traumatised!!

CornflakeHomunculus Thu 16-Nov-17 20:21:17

Just to add, she turns ten years old in the new year and we can laugh about it now grin

Eryri1981 Thu 16-Nov-17 20:27:09

Mines a Bedlington Terrier X Cocker Spaniel.

He's bonkers, but made it to his first birthday with only one emergency visit to the vets...I caught him sampling a toadstool...of course he did it on a Sunday so it was extra expensive, cost £200 (got £100 back from insurance), silly puppy!!!

Wolfiefan Thu 16-Nov-17 20:28:40

Mine ran into a tree!

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