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Can anyone advise with Thornit ear powder?

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AStarCalledAeryn Mon 13-Nov-17 13:25:49

DSpaniel has had ear problems for a couple of years now (out of the blue, she's 8 now, no problem before a couple of years ago). Had to have them flushed at the vet under GA after really stubborn infection wouldn't go, was fine for a while, then it came back. This is the recurring pattern tbh, she gets an infection - gunky black-brown wax and itchy painful ears, I spot it pretty quickly (I clean them regularly-ish anyway so spot trouble early) and start daily clean out of ears with cleaner and apply Surolan supplied by vet, we eventually get on top of it (sometimes takes a v long course, even though when we have taken her to the vet they say it's not that bad just persistent), then after a month or so it's back. They never seem to be actually clean, either, it's either a bit of gunky black-brown wax but no pain or itchiness, or lots of wax and itchiness/pain. The vet says it's yeast, and to just use the drops when it flares up plus bathing her in medicated shampoo (she gets yeasty and itchy in other places too). We tested for allergies and thyroid issues, vet says neither present.

I'd heard of Thornit and have been applying it daily for about a week now, but this morning she's really gunky in her right ear again. Do I stick with the Thornit - for how long? I presume I can't use a liquid ear cleaner alongside the Thornit, so is there another way to clean them?

LimeJellyHead Wed 15-Nov-17 16:38:20

Thornit needs to be added to dry ears.

EMSMUM16 Wed 15-Nov-17 20:40:12

Clean with a mix of half apple cider vinegar & half cooled boiled water, daily. Keep ears clear of hair by clipping them or cutting the hair away on the inside of the ear & below the inside of the ear, get a groomer to do this if you're worried about cutting etc.
I would also have a look at diet that might be agitating his skin. I think also bathing when the skin problem isnt active could help too, gentle shampoo or mud bath (you can buy mud baths in packs) or go to a groomer that offers it. Ive treated lots of dogs with these & some were on steroids prior to mud baths & no longer need meds just the baths.

Snowinsummer Wed 15-Nov-17 21:27:30

What food are you buying? My re-homed cockapoo came to us with a history of ear problems. Soon cleared up with a change of diet. We use Acana regionals biscuits with forthglade as a mixer. Before he came to us he was on Iams which didn’t agree with him at all. His coat also smelled

AStarCalledAeryn Sun 19-Nov-17 16:34:42

@LimeJellyHead I know, but her ears still get mucky while using Thornit so I was wondering if I should keep going with the Thornit and hope the muckiness clears up, pause with using Thornit and use a normal liquid ear cleaner for a few days to clean them up then go back to Thornit, or something else.

@EMSMUM the skin problem is pretty much constant, unfortunately. I've never heard of mud baths, I'll look those up thanks.

@SnowInSummer I get whichever of a range of good quality kibbles is available/on offer. E.g. Acarna, Orijen, Canidae, JWB Grain Free, Akela 80:20, etc. I haven't done an actual exclusion diet, mind, but the vet did a blood test and said no food allergies.

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