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does my dog need a coat ?

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thefootofourstairs Sun 12-Nov-17 21:30:59

not sure if hes cold on walks , tomorrow morning forecast to be zero degrees . Hes a maltese .

Cocobananas Mon 13-Nov-17 08:36:31

If you are going out for brisk walks in cold weather and returning to shelter of a house then I don’t suppose many dogs need a coat unless they have a thin coat like a whippet. If your Maltese shivers when outside then a coat would be a good idea!
I wanted to buy my hairy mutt one to try to keep the mud off but watching her career excitedly round the frosty garden this morning, rolling around in it, I think she isn’t cold and deals much better with the cold than hot days in summer. Not a fan of the craze for dog apparel like jumpers and bow ties although I often think she would rock a bandana😝

thefootofourstairs Mon 13-Nov-17 08:44:54

I wouldn't say a particularly brisk walk , i think he stops to sniff more than walk tbh . I really feel the cold , so were off out now with me looking like frosty the snowman !
i dont like bow ties and stuff either but bandanas are cool grin

Floralnomad Mon 13-Nov-17 10:20:13

My dog has his hair cut really short and he has an equafleece coat and equafleece jumpers , but he only wears them if it’s actually raining when we leave the house . However most of his walks are off lead and with him running about .

thefootofourstairs Mon 13-Nov-17 14:24:29

Thanks , i think hes probably fine without then . Hes had his coat cut short but looking at him this morning he didn't appear to be bothered by the cold , he wasn't shivering anyway .

StandardPoodle Mon 13-Nov-17 18:57:56

We only started putting a coat on our rescue spaniel cross last year when she was 10. I wouldn't put a coat on a young dog as a matter of course unless it's something like a whippet/greyhound or it appears to be cold on the walk.
She is clipped regularly and we'd keep an eye on her when just clipped but she didn't seem in the slightest bit cold previously.

Wolfiefan Mon 13-Nov-17 18:59:46

I use an equafleece coat too! It's not stupidly warm but keeps the rain off (less damp dog smell in the car and fewer wet towels!)
Will probably use it on icy days too!

StarNoStar Fri 17-Nov-17 05:51:45

Another good way to easily check a dogs temperature is to feel the inside of their ears. Have a quick check before, during and after the walk. If he's getting colder then he may benefit from a fleece or coat smile

strugglingtodomybest Fri 17-Nov-17 06:36:03

My DM kept insisting that one of our Staffies must be cold because she hardly has any fur. So she bought her a coat, which lasted for 2 walks before she'd dragged herself along anything rough she could and destroyed the coat.

I think you'd be able to tell if your dog is cold, they wouldn't be happy going out.

Soubriquet Fri 17-Nov-17 06:42:11

I would use a coat with a maltease.

I have one for my long coat chihuahua. She took a couple of tries to get used to it but now loves her coat as it keeps her warm on a walk

rightsaidfrederickII Fri 17-Nov-17 08:37:02

Bought an equafleece thanks to the recommendations in here. He's short haired so it has started coming out for very long walks. I'm sure he could cope without but it does often mean that he doesn't come home caked in mud (he's low to the ground, loves to chase and often rolls... It's not minor mud) and in need of a bath

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