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Crate to fit the new (2017) Civic hatchback?

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Kurkku Sun 12-Nov-17 18:26:28

So we just got our new car as per the title.

Old crate (Ferplast Atlas 80) is an awkward fit since pushed all the way back it leaves a huge space in front, making it difficult for our oldish golden to jump in. Without any other stuff in the boot the crate also slides around.

I was hoping to get a similar sized crate, possibly slightly wider, with the door on the short side rather on the long, so that I can fix it to the side of the boot with the door within easy reach from outside.

Two issues:
-there is a huge "lip" on the lower edge of the boot so the door must open upwards rather than sideways;
-I would have liked a soft crate, but the only two I found (Trixie Vario and Hunter Outdoor) with a slightly sloped roof to allow the boot to close and an appropriate lenght (80ish, cm, 90 is too long) are too low (50sh cm, needs to be at least 58-60).

So if anyone has the new Civic, what crate do you have for a medium-large dog (ours is a rather small gr bitch)?
Even if you don't have one (Civic or crate) but know any specific model that could suit our needs, please do chime in.
I don't want a wire crate (rattle!), would be happy with fabric/plastic/aluminium.

Snuper Sun 12-Nov-17 20:27:28

Call Lintran-K9, and they’ll tell you which of their boxes fit or if you need a custom-fit. Amazing boxes and local to me.

MitchellMummy Mon 13-Nov-17 14:06:13 is worth a try.

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