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Leaving puppy alone

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BeHereNow31 Thu 09-Nov-17 07:23:24

We just brought home a 12 week old puppy a week ago. He seems very settled and happy, and we are in love with him.
The only concern we have, is when can we start leaving him alone in the house. He has someone with him pretty much all of the time. There is just one day where our work overlaps, and we are both out all day. We have someone who can pop in less than every 2 hours to care for him.
But I did want to start this too early. So, just looking for advice and experience.

BiteyShark Thu 09-Nov-17 07:31:44

You need to build up to it so a few minutes and then increase the duration over a period of time. How long will the person be able to stay for?

At that age they tend to have very little control on their pees and poos so if they wake and no one is there then expect accidents to happen even if you leave them in a crate as they can't hold it for long.

BeHereNow31 Thu 09-Nov-17 07:41:41

I think they will probably be with him around 30 mins. We keep his crate door open and let him walk around the living room and kitchen, and he is doing amazing at using his puppy pads for the toilet. My concern is the seperation anxiety. But we will try to leave him for short times just now xx

BiteyShark Thu 09-Nov-17 08:07:14

You need to get him used to being on his own. So you can start by shutting him behind a baby gate if you have one and letting him see you but on the other side. Then progress to being in other rooms etc and eventually leaving the house for a few mins etc so he gets used to you coming and going.

Elphame Thu 09-Nov-17 09:14:14

What breed is he? Some breeds are far more prone to SA than others. Elfpup is a breed that in general doesn't mind being left alone - chance to do all those things I usually don't allow! I left him for 20 minutes after 2 weeks here and his longest stint has been a one off of 3 hours. I felt far worse about it than he did. I was worried about it as he was still in the "velcro" stage when I couldn't even leave a room without him waking and following me. He was fine. Pleased to see me but no signs at all of distress.

First time I left then hung around for a few minutes peering in at the kitchen window and listening to make sure he was OK!

BeHereNow31 Thu 09-Nov-17 19:57:52

Elph, he is a Maltese.
Looks like we have managed to get the next couple of weeks sorted. So, someone can sit with him, and will just try leaving him for short periods. May look into a pen for the beginning.
Thank so much

applesareredandgreen Fri 10-Nov-17 17:05:36

We started leaving our pup for short periods of time Fromm 11 weeks. We had him at 9 weeks and stayed at home with him for the first 2 weeks. We had him at the start of the 6 week school holiday last year and built up to 3-4 hours by September (I work part time, DH does shifts)

I would say now that I think we were really lucky that puppy was OK with our 'leaving alone' plan as I realise that a lot of people's dogs haven't been happy with this

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