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Anyone else have this? Wits' end!

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whenthedarkcomesrising Tue 07-Nov-17 06:45:00

New puppy - 15 weeks old - brilliant boy EXCEPT from about 4.45 to 5.45pm, when he CONSTANTLY PEES. I just don't understand it! He's not perfectly toilet-trained at other times, but he definitely understands that weeing in the garden is good (sometimes he doesn't quite make it to the back door but does his best.)

But in the widdling hour it doesn't matter how many times I take him out - there are always 7+ puddles, hard on each other's heels. As soon as I mop up one another appears! He also seems to have no control over his bladder while napping at this point - if I encourage him to snooze, he'll just pee in his sleep (only time he does this). Pretty sure it's not a urine infection - it's only this time of day, and I did go to the vet with a sample when he first started doing it, which came back fine.

Is it because that's when my daughter comes home from school? Is it for attention? But then why does he do it in his sleep? WILL IT LAST FOREVER? HELP!

missbattenburg Tue 07-Nov-17 10:07:31

As you know exactly when it will happen can you feed him his tea at this time in a puzzle toy, out in the garden? Obviously it depends on what breed his is (as it is cold these days) but my 15 week springer will happily spend an hour in the garden chewing a bone or eating his tea.

Alternatively, what happens if you crate him for this hour (assuming you are using a crate)?

fessmess Tue 07-Nov-17 10:41:55

Mine did this, about six for my dog. As she got older 5-7 months she could go all day with no accidents until this hour of the day. I put it down to the house being busier, not paying such close attention to signs she might need to go etc. After about 7 months she stopped, we did take her out a LOT during this hour though. Since then, she’s now 12 months, she’s had three accidents. One a week ago, so it’s an ongoing process. Good luck x

whenthedarkcomesrising Tue 07-Nov-17 15:28:15

Thank you both, great suggestions and HUGE reassurance to know that it (hopefully) has a time limit! I think I will try walking him for as much of the hour as possible and enlisting DD’s help with extra screen time bribe. Thanks again x

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