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Puppy sling?

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TheUrbanBush Sun 05-Nov-17 16:18:21

We collect our poppy in 3 weeks. We are beyond excited. I know for the first few months he can’t walk far, but our school run is twenty mins there and twenty mins back twice a day. I’d like to be able to take him even though it would be too far for him to walk at first.

I have quite a bad bag so need to be careful that if I carry him I do so in a way that distributes weight evenly on both sides. Has anyone tried a puppy sling? Do they work? Do dogs like them? Is there a brand you would recommend?

Elphame Sun 05-Nov-17 16:42:09

Complete waste of money for Elfpup. I used it twice and each time he was desperate to get out and walk. As he hadn’t finished his vaccinations he couldn’t so I was trying to control a very wriggly pup who was doing his best to escape. It would have been a very comfy way to carry him had he been the least bit cooperative

MaitlandGirl Sun 05-Nov-17 16:43:14

I’ve always used a standard baby ring sling with my puppies (varying breeds and weights).

Harness and lead on the puppy (for safety) and sit them on a folded hand towel (in case of accidents) and never had any problems.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Sun 05-Nov-17 19:18:12

I rigged up a system so that if I wore a body warmer or jacket I would tie my scarf (but a belt would do) round my waist on the outside of the jacket then pup could sit tucked into my jacket and not fall out the bottom. Probably looks a bit strange, but less so as pup likes to pop her head out of the front.
I have never had a problem with accidents but there have been times when pup is desperate to escape!

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