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Canine dementia and erratic behaviour

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Titsywoo Fri 03-Nov-17 18:04:34

Our 9 year old bulldog is suffering from dementia. She has been behaving more and more oddly over the last year. First she starting snapping at visitors if they tried to stroke her, then she was snapping at the ankles of some people who visited. In the last 6 months she started going off to hide under beds when she always sat with us in the kitchen quite happily. Now it seems like she wants to be away from us! She gets very stressed when we are sitting in the kitchen watching TV in the evening and starts panting heavily and behaving strangely (climbing on the back of the sofa and trying to get out of the room). We have now had to make sure she stays in the kitchen as if she goes in other rooms she pees on the beds (we are in a bungalow). She isn't incontinent she just wees on anything soft (apart from her own sofa!). But she clearly is upset by being confined to the kitchen (it is a big room with a sofa area and leads to the garden). I sat on the sofa with her earlier and she got stressed so went to sleep in the garage instead confused. I often find her sitting in the flower bed in the garden in the dark rather than coming and sitting with us. When she is inside she drives us mad pacing or jumping up and scratching at us for no apparent reason (plus the weird climbing on the back of the sofa and trying to sit on our shoulders!). Not sure if the vet can really do much for dementia but she seems fine health wise so we don't really want to put her to sleep. Any ideas?

LimeJellyHead Thu 09-Nov-17 20:52:17

I'm sorry to hear that. Our little terrier had dementia. He went badly down hill in about 1-2 years. So keep an eye on things and try to see it as much as you can from her perspective so you can be sure to know when she is no longer enjoying life and instead finding it all too confusing and upsetting.

For her current issues, she sounds like she is looking for a quiet dark place of her own, so what about making her a dark cosy den to hide in. Not with a door or anything, just her own den that is calm inside for her to relax and get away from all the hubbub, but if she does also ewant reassurance she can still pop her head out and see you sitting there. Maybe all the noise and lights are upsetting her so even if you can watch TV with headphones, that has to be worth a try, as well as the den.

As it is still early days you could try her on tablets. I can't recall the name of the product but do recall that the earlier you start it the better.

Floralnomad Thu 09-Nov-17 21:38:18

There are some pills they can have , I’m not sure of the name, but my mums elderly terrier was on them for a bit . Unfortunately they made him sick so he had to stop taking them . He can be incontinent of urine but they put puppy pads under all the dog covers on the sofas just in case and do lots of washing . He also goes into the garden and has to be collected as he seems to forget where he is and what he is doing . He is 15 this month ( his sister is normal) and has been like it for at least 18months - 2 years .

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