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How long can you leave a puppy on its own?

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BluthsFrozenBananas Tue 31-Oct-17 10:11:05

We’re getting a puppy in two weeks time, which is hugely exciting, but I’ve never owned a dog before and feel like a total novice.

I’m a SAHM so I can be at home with the puppy most of the time, but I still need at the bare minimal to do the school run and take DD to various after school activities.

Apart from in awful weather we do the school run on foot in the mornings, which is a forty five minute round trip for me. When the puppy is older and has had all her vaccinations I plan on her walking with us, but until then my options are leave her at home alone, go in the car and take the puppy (it’s pretty much takes as long in the car as walking because the traffic is so bad) or get a doggie sling and carry the puppy. I have the same issue in the afternoon but with the added complication of after school activities.

On one hand I hate the thought of the puppy being upset and lonely at home, especially as she’ll have been used to the constant company of her mum and brother, but on the other hand I’m concerned if I never leave her she’ll develop terrible separation anxiety. I’d be most grateful if someone with more dog knowledge than me could give me some advice.

Collidascope Tue 31-Oct-17 10:42:23

I would think 45 minutes is fine for her to be left alone. If you tired her out with a bit of high-energy playing before you leave, she should mainly sleep for that time anyway. I think by about 12 weeks we could leave ours alone in his crate for 2 hours while we went out for a meal or to do some shopping, and he was fine. We ordered a camera off Amazon so we could watch him on our phones to make sure he wasn't just shrieking the whole time, which was pretty useful. It was only about £15 and might give you peace of mind too.

fessmess Tue 31-Oct-17 10:58:32

I’d take her with. My pup hated even being left when I put bin out. Gradually we’ve extended how long she’s left and at one years old she’s happy for 2-4 hours. Too early can cause SA.

SparklingRaspberry Tue 31-Oct-17 12:02:59

I'd take her with you. It'll get her used to the sights and sounds so is a perfect opportunity to socialise her

Elphame Tue 31-Oct-17 12:03:15

Depends on the pup and it's age. I wouldn't leave a young pup alone for that length of time. At 12 weeks I left Elfpup for 15/20 minutes. He still isn't left alone very long although he's such a chilled little chap and not a breed that is prone to separation anxiety.

I'd take him in a sling. He'll benefit from the early socialisation and it'll pay off in spades in the long run with a happy confident pup.

BluthsFrozenBananas Tue 31-Oct-17 12:25:28

Thanks, I think I’ll get a sling and carry her at least for a few weeks. She’s a small breed so I was thinking of getting a sling anyway so when she’s older I can take her comfortably on public transport and not risk her getting trodden on.

Elphame Tue 31-Oct-17 13:22:35

A sling is a great idea for her. Even when she's vaccinated a 45 minute walk twice a day might be a bit much for her so you may still need the sling for a few months.

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